Aston Martin db9 (secound attemt after a very lumpy reasault)

Hi, all I’m trying to model my aston martin db9 again, this time I’m spending a lot more time on keeping the evil lumps away as well as going fo even, smooth topology. I’m modeling this car piece by piece until its fnished.

  • a sellable clean car model.
  • As all ways a good topology. :slight_smile:

my front bumper:

the blendfile:aston martin seventh attempt For Downlaod.blend (555 KB)

P.S. Last time Tyrant Monkey just modeled the car for me. the model has been rather useful but I need to learn how to do this myself. the blend file is to help you get a better look at whats going on.


It looks good, but I think you’re using too much geometry too soon. I’d recommend you get the basic shape first.

Also, try applying what you’ve learn’t to a model you can’t copy the geometry from.

I understood from what you said that you had a good model - or pictures of good geometry - of it already; if I’m wrong then ignore my second sentence.

Otherwise, you’ll likely learn more from modelling a different car using the techniques and examples you have. Copying, especially when you can look at very similar goals results in less trial and error, less experimentation; hence you’ll be learning less.

My second car was an M5; I intend returning to it at some stage, but I don’t want what I remember from my previous attempt to influence it at all; so I’m making sure I’ve got a few car models under my belt before trying it again - in addition I’ve also tried modelling different items too.

Hi all,
I’ve improved hugely and am getting great but sadly not perfect results, stilll I’ve really inproved since my last attempt.

blend file:aston martin sevanth atemnt for downlaod.blend (590 KB)

Hmm, I’ve been thinking about box modeling, should I try it…does it produce less bumps…
Oh, by the way I wonder if Skyfall is going to be as good as the trailer…pity ther’re useing the db5 and not this awesome car.


It’s about finding a method you like; one isn’t intrinsically better than another. I don’t box-model - I start with a plane.

You have too much geometry imo; get the shape you want with the absolutely minimum amount, add a little at a time to better define some details. Some details are better left to close to the end as they require a large increase in geometry.

And sometimes all you can do is tweak verts to get the correct shape - there’s a lot of that and it’s why the more you have, the harder it gets.

screen 1

I deleted all the verts except for the 4 defining the shape as best as 4 verts could.

screen 2

I placed an edge-loop at its default position.

screen 3

I then went into side view to adjust the shape to as near as it can reflect your shape.

screen 4

I added another edge-loop, again at its default location.

screen 5

And again, I adjust from a side view - front view this time.

screen 6

… Shows the shape I have with sub-surf and smooth shade. I wouldn’t normally add sub-surf so early in the modelling process.

screen 7

This shows how I cut out the hole, and added the crease; I wouldn’t normally add such detail so early in the process. However, as this is the method you’ve been trying I thought I would show how I would attempt it.

screen 8

This is a shot of it in object mode; going into object mode and rotating the object, looking for errors that shading can highlight, is a very important part of my modelling process.

Note: No triangles, they easily mess up geometry causing pinching. If you must have them, then hide 'em away;

A step by step tutorial, I love it , just what I needed. I’ve remodeled the hood and I’m loving it. I got better results in less time, thank you so much… now for ther rest of the car… I would usually extrued from here

along the door but I love your new method, it works so well and I want to model the rest of this car like this. But I can’t figure any other way that doesn’t end in disaster…help!

-Thanks, a million:eyebrowlift:

Hi there Writersblock and everyone else,

Today I added A new roof which looks okay but needs more tweeking. This is by far the best thing I’ve ever modeled so there’s hope for me!!!
The pics:

Moving to second post due to attachment limit.


Post continued,

different angles…


The blend file:aston martin seventh attempt For Downlaod1.blend (1.04 MB)

Much, much better, and looking very good (post #10). Looks to be some pinching on the lower front part.

Help!!! the back of my car won’t work. If someone could show how to block that out it would be very helpful, or should I just extrude.


Can’t see the problem unless you post wires or a blend.

Right on it, the blendfile:aston martin seventh attempt For Downlaod2.blend (1.06 MB)

Hope That Helps,

Still Modeling…
The back of this car is starting to come together…Sadly, this model feels below standard and is missing something…
Here are the goodies:

aston martin seventh attempt For Downlaod3.blend (1.07 MB)



You need to rework it to get rid of the triangles, unless you have a plan to sort them out later.

You’re doing ok; you do, however need to even out your geometry.

I will even the topology out after all the nitty gritty stuff as been delt with. I was wondering what to do about this:

there’s a lot of pinching which looks horrid and won’t go away.

  • Thanks

I’ll post my suggestion later or in the morning.

Change the geometry a little; remember last time how I started with a plane for the section concerned, and adjust the shape one edge-loop at a time? Do the same, then select the faces that cover the area and i to insert.

Oh no, I started working on the back of my car and made huge improvements… then I discovered that I was using one of my uploaded versions. That means my poor blueprints were deleted (they are bezier curves). They are in ver. 29 so I thought I can just append them. No luck. I tried and tried and it wouldn’t work. Any help?

P.S. I hate the link and append tools. Far, far too faulty.