Aston Martin DBR1 '59

this is what i’v got

THat’s a very neat beginning. Looking forward to see this one develop.


some new parts

Ok, add a pop up missle attachment like in james bond.

ZOMG better made wheel than any of the wheels i’ve ever made :smiley:

very good! very detailed! awesome stuff, if you can do the materials well and render it nice this one will be entirely epic :smiley:

Man I am dying to see a wire frame of that wheel, epic

tire it’s not ready but other parts are ready

ohmegod! :wink:
i once started to model a car with wheels like that and i stopped modelling the car even before i worked on the wheels because i was so scared! this looks awesome! how did you do that? did you use the array modifier? and how did you position those spokes?
i already liked you mesh on the car’s body (although i saw one or two places that maybe might be improved - wanna know?), but the wheels are even better.
cant wait for a finished and textured render! :wink:

just tell what to improve in bodywork :wink:

thanks those wires are going to help me a lot, I have been trying to figure out an approach to modeling wheels like that for a car I might do next year

good luck

first render

hey gr8 one dude … like it

what i nice, happy, bootiful white mesh of a shell of a car, great work bro!!!

Its looking really fantastic kellyq! I’m excited to see how well it’s progressing. I had some other comments about your project that will work better as a video response -

Beautiful example of low poly to high poly modeling. And what a car!

One minor item, the spokes are really great where they meet the rim, but on the other end where they go into the hub they look seamless. I’m not sure why that is as it does look like you have loops there to define the gap. Perhaps they should be exaggerated more?

if you meant me (i’m not completely sure :wink: ), here is what i think could be improved:

here, i think it would be better to have a complete edgeloop around the border of the mesh. in some cases it might help, especially with the subsurf modifier.
my paintover might not show the best edgeflow possible, but maybe you can combine it with your ideas.

you have a vertex with six edges here, which is never good, as far as i know. in my paintover, you lose one vertical edgeloop (in the left part of my screenshot) but you gain one at another place (right). the horizontal edgeloop should be missed as you have plenty of them in this part of the mesh :wink: you would probably drag the vertical edgeloops around to have a more equal distribution than in my picture, but for reasons of clarity i didn’t paint it like that.

if you think, my proposals are right, i am glad i could help. if not, ok, i’m not the king of blenders :wink:

@ssawyer- thanks a lot, I will do that but later
@walk_on_sky- You right , this is improvment of a second image

yes, that looks much better. :wink:

I really cant believe my eyes with those wheels:eek:

Anyway, I know this is a silly question but did you use poly-by-poly modelling for the the body or box modelling? what method did you use? reason I ask is because the body just looks perfect, all the lines flow like waves… lovely. How did you manage to get all of them to align up so neatly? Did you just do it by trial and error with a keen eye?

Thanks in advance if you answer my question :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing this finished