Aston Martin DBR1

Have a nice day :stuck_out_tongue:

HD (~ 1MB)

HD 1

HD 2

HD 3
HD 4

mmm that’s delicious - what’s your renderer sire?

that’s pretty neat. 5 stars. octane??

Ahhh… The good old Aston Martin. My favorite car. Very good job.

very weirdly nice car paint! … but nice model, it’s a bit more work on it than modern cars. more flow or curves to get right which I think you have done.

reminds of the e-type version.

nicely done, five stars from me

Just mind blowing, photoreal… I can usually pick out parts of a render that speak 3D model but this is just on another level. 5 stars.:stuck_out_tongue:

It looks really nice, but you have one mishap with car’s underbody

The sides are extruding under ur car and it has same material as body, so u have some wierd red reflection on the floor instead of black shadow, also the extruded body is clearly seen on 3rd picture. On a real car, the side body panels dont go under like this :no:

Other than that… great job :cool:

Usually, i don’t like so much car renders but i love this one. Good choice for the model.
Well done !

indigo this time

Wow, I would give this four thumbs up but as I only have two I have to make do with two thumbs and two big toes. :slight_smile:

beautifull :slight_smile:

i really love your model and render.its so beautiful

very nice render.

Incredible renders.

Nice. I love it!

Fantastic render. I see that has the same rims as the Ferrari 250GT that I been working on for a while (kind of reminds me that have to finish it :slight_smile: ).

Would love to to hear more details about the rendering. Guess it’s not BI…

Amazing render.I love the mix between the realistic look it has and the cartoonish style the car has normally.

great render, and one of my favorite cars. and the headlights look very realistic.