Aston Martin DBS

Hello everyone,

These are a few renders of my Aston Martin DBS Model. The first ones are made with Blender Internal. The others with cycles. The last one is a try to see how well integration into an HDRI environment works. Didn’t turn out too well though.
It is indeed much easier to achieve a realistic result with cycles - feels almost a little bit like cheating ;).

Edit: got it moved to WIP, because its not really finished after all!

Blender Internal:


Very nice:) The cycles renders are my favorites…and by the way nice camera angles…good job being creatives. With the right camera angles a peanut can look impressive:) not comparing this to a peanut of course but you get what I mean. I see a lot of car renders that I wish the modeler spent a little more time on the scene and camera angle and not just the vehicle. Remember guys make it look good…all of it…unless its a test render haha:)

Happy Blending!

Getting the carpaint right is pretty hard: I like the way it is shaded, but it needs to have those typical sparkling artefacts - Needs some more testing first.

Doesn’t look too bad - lighting with an hdr image is amazing, and so much faster! Shadows and ambient occlusion was rendered in internal and then added in the compositor.

I consider this a more or less finished project - at least for now. There are still a lot of things that could be improved, and critique and ideas / suggestions are always much appreciated!


If you’re a beginner, you can find some pretty indepth tutorials on my website

or on my youtube channel

Thank you for your kind words - I played quite a bit with the angles^^ The worst part: Once you get used to a certain angle, it becomes boring!

good job cycle is amazing

Awesome model

Good work! Those Goodyear tires must be cheap counterfeits though (texture mapping is flipped :slight_smile: )

Yes indeed - But the car itself was expensive enough - i thought for now counterfeits shoud do - anyway the genuine ones arrived today and thats how they look :wink:

nice. I think a good ole landscape will do your renders a lot of justice :wink:

Do you mean as in a background image?

Aamazing! nice work!

Check out this link to a guy I watch a lot…he’s got an accent:) but still very good stuff. I just saw this one recently on car paint and I think it will really help you to get that sparkel effect.

One other thing if I may…the tires dont look black enough…either its the diffuse color is not dark enough or the gloss color should be darkend and not white. Other than that looks great!

Happy Blending

wow realy great job.
what computer do you have and how long did it take to render with cycles??? :wink:

I rendered this on my gpu, and i have a Nvidia Point of view GTX 590 with 1024 Cuda cores. I rendered most of the images with about 1000 samples. it took between 5 to 6 mins (renders from a few meters away) to 10 mins (close up on tire). All in all i think its amazing how fast cycles is, considering the quality! And even with a older Nvidia card (like gtx 460, 480 cores) it still renders quite fast as i’ve seen in youtube videos. Unfortunatly, i’m limited to 1.5 gb of ram. However, it sounds to good to be true, but Brecht said that at some point it should be possible to use your regular ram as well (how awesome is that!).

Just rerendered one with darker tires - you were right, i darkened the diffuse a little bit!

This Image took somewhat less than 3 mins to render for 400 passes --> bit less than 2.5 passes per second.


Also where is the link^^? I’m new to this forum, so if theres like a common place to post links or something, my bad :wink:

How is your lighting set up? I have created my own car but I don’t know the best way to light it to achieve a studio lighting effect.

Sorry about that guys my bad haha:) I cant believe I didnt include the link

here is the link