Aston Martin - Studio render

Heeey people! :smiley:

I have been working on some different car projects for the last two years and at the end of every single one of them I promise myself that it was the last one, while I would like to expand my horizon and not just make cars. However, when I finally call a render finished a week or so passes and I look at it again and then I’m just like - Meeeh… Compared to the amazing renders online mine look like poooop!

Soooo… I decided to post this project in work in progress even though it is almost done. :slight_smile:
I know it is unrealistically optimistic to think I can create a render like the badass blender users, but if you guys will help me get as close to is as possible, I would be veeery grateful! :smiley:

To the people actually reading this whole “essay” - You da real mvp!

1000 samples
2880*1620 Res

Raw Render:


it recalls me back to nfs rivals.

the graphic is awsome!

Superb modeling. You’re on the right track to greatness.

Uhhh … I wish I could model cars like that. Whuddoya mean, yours “look like poop” ?

F-in’ brilliant!

Awsome work! Just a pro level - very clear picture.

Did you use a large plane with emission shader, overhead for the light? Looks a lot like what they would do for a photo shoot. I think your raw render is more believable personally, but I am a filmmaker at heart and I prefer less stylized images. Either way great work and the model is pristine.

Wow, Thank you everyone! I haven’t had much time to spend on this project the last week, but I will hopefully be able to post some updates soon. :slight_smile:

Weeell… Maybe not “poop”, but I just always feel like my renders look great when I am making them and the next day they don’t… :confused:

Yea, I used a large plane with emission shader and a subtle gradient fading to a darker color for the main light :slight_smile: To highlight the front of the car I used a area lamp and another light-emitting plane in front of the car which is bending around it to make the back-light effect. I did go crazy with post processing in photoshop and maybe it was too much. No matter what I really appreciate your feedback! :smiley:

Just another way to photoshopped render :smiley:

At least for something like this, I wouldn’t be too worried about too much photoshop. Of course ideally the less you have to do the better, but don’t be afraid to make your image look good, whatever software/method it is. You are doing great here.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I agree - Post production in Photoshop is not cheating. But the better the raw render is, the better the final post producted image will be. - I think… :slight_smile:

Tried some different colors and made another render… :slight_smile: