Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Here is my latest project. I have worked with it for maybe a week or so. C & C are welcome :evilgrin:





Tell me what you think. :eyebrowlift:


Hell Yeah!

Thats my car - or at least the one I’d like to have. ^^

Nice model so far. Do you have any ideas what your gonna do when it’s finished?

Nothing much to criticize as it’s WIP

I’m waiting for a finalized render. :slight_smile:

Now that is a nice model!
I can’t wait for the final render…

Can you show more wires this is some fantastic modeling you got going on.

Thanks guys. Here are the wires worth showing - rear is currently being reworked. :smiley:



Do you really model at that level of detail? (I’m assuming this is subsurfed as well?) I have a hard time keeping my surfaces looking smooth. Especially with things like holes for headlights, windows, and vents.

Is the roof a separate piece? The hardest time I have with subdivision modeling is matching areas that need higher detail with areas that don’t.

Did you model the body first and then the “grooves” for the doors and such?

These are terrific examples. Thanks so much.

I modeled the body as one piece first, and then cut up door panels and holes. :eyebrowlift2:

impressive, especially the detail cut-outs on the curved surface

Brilliant modeling. I looked hard for something to critique. I give up.
Except the tire treads, which I’m sure are still WIP.

You seem to have bezier curves for the outline. Can you show a few screenshots of that technique?

I’d also like to see some edit mode screenshots (in vertex select mode) of the bonnet/hood.

The topology is excellent.
Looking forward to seeing the finished car.

GodOfBigThings, thanks :). The curves are used instead of blueprints (as there are no blues for V12 Vantage), and is created out of images. They are not made in blender, and is not involved in the modeling process other than reference. :eyebrowlift2:

The area around the vents looks kinda messy, but it’s actually only quads, and works fine.


looks really smooth can’t wait for the final renders, whats the face count on this?

All and all, 4 millions (with displacement tires).

wire frames look good man! when you cut the body into seperate pieces, did you make them seperate objects?


I didn’t ask for a screenshot so I could cry out on any triangles. I wanted to see how you went from an area of low to high poly with subsurf on without messing up the surfaces. Very well done indeed.

They are 3d, what are they made in?

For cutting out the vents i simply used the cut tool. The mesh needs only small tweaking after that.

These splines are made by a guy on another forum, who was working with this car but quit it after his HDD crashed. I got them by asking gently. :eyebrowlift:

To make these kind of splines yourself from images, this is an useful tool:

THere is a good tut about it.

The parts are not different objects after cutting em up.