Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Really nice solid modeling, i just hope the tyre wall height is temporay x), so thin tyres dont look good on car that nice imo (they kinda look too thin) :o

wow that’s really high poly, i tried insight3d before i couldn’t get anywhere with it ill have to try again at some point. tyre walls could be a little thicker but not too much

You’re right about the tire wall. Will fix that, easily done.

Did a quick render with YafaRay. Side mirrors aren’t there:evilgrin:


It’s getting there, but the car kind of feels small in this environment. I have never seen one of these cars in real life so I don’t have a feel of how low the are but if you compare with the two in the background where you see the boots it feels on the small side. You had some nice studio renders on cgcars show some here.

Honestly I think it’s barely worth uploading because of the crappy resizing and compression. AND who are you on cg-cars? :slight_smile:

I don’t post there, but I will when I start working on my BMW M5 towards the end of the year, I use the same name there as here. But I checked your model was in the advanced section which is pretty cool that place has about the best car modelers I have seen, their advanced and highend wip is just insane.

Now lets see more of this bad boy, if you model humans putting 007 in there would be epic. it is his trademark ride afterall

I did some new renders :o



Doesn’t seem to fit in there… I think the bloom is abit too excessive. Are you using a background image for that?

The modelling is awesome. The renders some how do not seem to be doing justice to that.
Maybe a good studio setup? With a model as good as that you really shouldn’t be afraid to take the camera close to the car.