Aston Martin Zagato Roadster

For those of you unfamiliar with the car, images here:

I need to make the bonnet narrower at the front between the main headlights, but other than that, happy with progress so far. (Back end still needs much work, adding the lights door handles etc, but hey, its a WIP.) Car paint is modified from Matt Ebb’s nodes:

HDRI image is one I made myself (very proud) using a large christmas bauble, a microphone stand and my 6 megapixel camera. Photoshopped into an EXR. Can Gimp do that yet? I havent checked. There is also 3 spotlights, pretty simple. I’ll probably have more light, but it might be in a white ‘infinity room’ when finished anyway, so we’ll see. The photo for the hdri is my driveway, so I might just composite it on there… :slight_smile: Also of note - using some tips from the BlenderArt car issue, good stuff!

I know I have 3 threads for 3 bits of work now, wish me luck to finish them all!


Love those AMs. Do you by any chance have a wire ? I’m curious about the modeling methods people use…

I’ll post a wire next time I put more renders up. Basically I’m modelling one half with mirror on and subsurf on (but not on in edit mode, i.e. editing the “cage”) and snap is on too, which I don’t usually do. I modelled the bonnet first (using a blueprint front/back/side - ) and then duplicated the edge verticies and extruded them into the surrounding parts, working like that round to the back of the car. That way the edges are more or less guaranteed to match up. Then when I’m happy with a certain ‘piece’ and how it sits with the adjacent pieces, I extrude its edges back/down/in to make it appear more of a solid piece and use crease (Ctrl E) on the edges to sharpen them a bit. But never more than 0.800 or so because you risk render artifacts (particularly with reflection I think) any sharper than that. Sub-d is only on 2, so the car is under 47,000 verts thus far fully smoothed.

Also check out - the car issue, and maybe the mechanical one, I havent looked at that yet. Good Stuff.

Interesting… Thanks for your response. I’ve used the same method as you a few times (although not in Blender) and it’s pretty trustworthy.

Good luck with your multiple projects.

small update and wires


Well, more modelling done, but now using yafray for rendering. That and a new hdri I made today - for those of you in Adelaide it’s the Tea Tree Plaza carpark. Hope the difference is noticeable… I’ve started doing the interior, will post when it is more interesting than it is now. I’ve decided to not go ‘exact’ on the interior and just base it on the real one/ what looks cool. I found out only 99 of these specific cars were ever made (if my info serves me well) so not many people will know the ins and outs of the interior anyway. Also, if noone has done it in 3D, this will sort of be the 100th car.

Sort of.


The wires look good. I just don’t know y you have uveven surfaces. Nothing major, its just it could look smoother. I suggest you set up a dummy background with some basic modelling objects, building, house etc to erradicate the HDRI background image but still retaining the light. Even adding extra lights for highlights and definition. What sort HDRI do u have? As in quality.

The base shape has changed since posting the wires. I’d appreciate if there was any particular bits that stand out (I’m guessing top rim of the door type area) as not being as smooth as they could, would you be able to point them out? The HDRI isn’t huge quality as such, I took a photo on my relatively new digital camera of a very large christmas bauble on a sunny day. Then I took it into photoshop and converted it to a hdri with exposure set to one. The other free probes I have that I can get close to working are the Paul Debevec light probe page.

sweet!..Looks good.
P.S. Your demo reel on Youtube rocks

Cheers tcrazy. This car is to replace General Grevious in that reel. He’s been in my reel the past 2 incarnations, I dont want to keep sending repeat footage or it will look like I dont do anything new…

Attached image is same modelling as last image, but much happier with light setup now. I changed the main car paint settings a bit too. Back in Blender internal as well btw.


The new render looks better. The car looks less organic and more like the real AM… However, the space between the grill and the front wheel still looks a bit concave to me.

The devil is in the details…

More or less finished, (used levels in photoshop to brighten it up a bit, happier with back render than front, but the final turntable will obviously be uniform)