Astonished Martini ('Sports spy car')

Hey all.

Sigh. After all that went in the “007 car” thread, the head honcho suddenly comes and tells me “no deals with the motors”, so I’m expected to come up with a design of my own – and I’m only too happy.

Here’s a hood to begin with.

One thing – I’m doing this without concept sketches. I wanna force myself to think in 3d and not depend on the sketch for once.

Thats a mean looking hood, but are you sure you wanna do it without any concept sketches? It’s not like they’re cheating or anything, I just find it useful to have them so I can remember what I’m doing and plan before I dive into blender.
Regardless, good job so far, I can’t wait to see it finished!

hey i hope the rest of the car has as much character as the hood!
“it looks alive… and a bit angry”
good luck with the rest of the car.

HD – thanks!
Smelz – I’m aware that this is most unusual and definitely NOT the recommended way to develop, but it’s an exercise in… several things I hope to improve. Sometimes you don’t get the luxury of careful and planned crafting.

Well… I’ve been working on the front, obviously. I’ll do tires next. Headlights done, made the intake less ‘muscle car’. This is not the final form, and the rotary cannon on the front will go away or change into a different weapon. I’m considering enlarging the one on the side. Working on a “candy-coat” paint job.


nice looking :D, add a martini glass hood ornament :D, gun seems a bit long…does it retract?

Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. The car’s probably going to be mid-engine so I’ll have plenty of room for weapons both under the hood and in the trunk section. So yeah, that’d make it a retractable minigun.

Here’s a closeup of the rotary gun:

Haven’t done the ‘brushed steel’ material yet so you’ll have to excuse all of that chrome madness…

Hmmm, a martini glass…

I was just thinking a small metal outline of one basically :D, thought it’d look kind of cool

Awe heck yeah! Minigun powa. This is reminding me of Vigilante 8 for PS1.

Thanx man.

@Chirspalot: I liked your martini glass idea. Some people suggested this spy car should be an Ashton Martin. I can’t, so here’s the next best thing…

Say hello to the Astonished Martini.


lmao sweet :D, that’s kick a :smiley:

Working on the tires just to do something different for a while. I don’t quite like this so I’m looking at the web for better tire patterns and trying to think of better ways to lay the topology.


lol and if you don’t get tires you like epic hovering spy car! XD

lookin good Cub, nice to see its still got character.
for the gun have you tried the new Gloss featrue in the 2.46 builds? i think it would realy give it that extra some thing.

Thanks. I’ve been thinking of diffuse reflections for brushed metal and the ‘sparkly’ paint layer, but I’m waiting for (at least) the next candidate release. Just as a precaution.

Well, that first tire up there involved an array of rotated and pre-curved meshes. I think the strain in the topology shows.

This time around, I made the pattern out of beziers (head to toe to match the ends), then converted to polys for the extrusions, arranged them in a straight line and then used a curve modifier (adding a bezier circle). I think I’m gonna stick with this version.