Astro1derboy's - Sketchbook

Missed your last posts.
What a library!
Amazing stuff.

@michalis - thanks again for the kind words!

Testing out the Cycles volume-render options . . . still playing with settings too. Here’s one where I basically encapsulated my scene with a huge volumetric box. I like the possibilities but my render times increased. Still way cool though.

However, you don’t need volume render for this one, right?
A depth map is needed.
In fact a simple dark mist setup under glsl is close enough.
What I’m trying to say: LOL
Have you tried the experimental branch of cycles baking?
What about some cycles quality real time rendering?

@Michalis - I have so much to learn still, it’s crazy. I don’t use any of the experimental branches. I basically stick with the main releases. (I still have a ton to learn.)

Here’s another one. My idea here was to create something really low-poly yet use it as a great literary device. I also wanted the general look to remind me of paper. I did do some post-work to create the subtle color tones. However, it’s basically just a value study. I kind of used a kit-bash method placing all the vehicles. I think there ended up being 50+ by the time I was done. This is simple but I really like it. I can render a ton of views from within this scene now . . . just to generate further ideas. Anyway. For something a little different . . .

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Here is another night showcase area for you (featuring the RI Cobra Mrk3). I used 3,000 samples but it still has more light-speckles than I prefer. (It’s especially noticeable on the highres version, not this one.) Hope you enjoy.

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I realize that posts in the sketchbook may not get the initial publicity but anyway . . . here’s another one. Hope you enjoy.


More fun with the array modifier . . .

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Outstanding work…thanks so much for sharing.

@James_Z - Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it!

Here is another fun-with-the-array-modifier image (sporting a previously released ship).

And now for something completely different - I decided to do some more monochromatic-style modeling . . . just to break up my usual space/atmo ship routine a bit. I decided upon something a little different and, hopefully, memorable. :smiley:

Beautiful posts.
That’s amazing.
Really impressive.
People should pay a little more attention to this thread.

Wow! How didn’t I see this before? I love it! Your sketchbook is really wonderful
Love your spaceships!

Thank you all for the kind words. I appreciate it.

Here are a couple more . . .

I watched a recent ghost/scary places documentary and was inspired to try a version of a creepy hallway. Overall, I was pleased. I still have a lot to learn but the journey is always fun.

I wanted to try a more conceptual approach to try and evoke emotion through more stylized/conceptual modeling. Nothing is overly detailed but enough to convey the location and provide some hints as to the nature of the room. The center of visual interest (CVI) is purposefully left vague in order to prompt the viewer’s imagination. Anyway. Hope you enjoy.

really impressive.
Cycles bake will be in master, soon.

@michalis - thank you again for the kind replies.

No bakes. These are live displacement and custom textures. I didn’t actually use a displacement modifier on either of the latest two images, like I do for my ships, but simply plugged an alpha version of my texture into the displacement socket of the output node.

The creepy hallway ghost is actually a quick sculpt lit with a very basic volume shader. The sculpted model really gave some nice subtle absorption differences which really enhanced the ghostly look in my opinion. Again, not perfect but had some fun creating it. Actually my sculpt is pretty crappy looking but it served my purposes well since it’s the farthest from the camera and (un)naturally diffused anyway.

Here are a couple posts I forgot to upload a few weeks ago. Found them last night while finishing up another render.

Playing around with the new wireframe modifier . . .

Another quick ship mock-up . . .

Been working on this one for a week or so. I would get it just so . . . and then discover something else I wanted to tweak about halfway through the render. I did that a few times basically delaying this post. It’s not perfect but I wanted to break out of my all-things-that-fly motif. I also wanted to add this huge masterpiece painting in the end hall and thought I’d use a previous render as the art piece (render of a render). Ha!! Anyway. I like it. I took sort of a conceptual approach to it but was pleased.

Hope you enjoy . . .


he he , cycles baking is in master… a combine (from the drop-down menu) ? With a tricky lighting first?

@michalis - Thank you again for your kind words. I am finally going to take the plunge and dig into Cycles baking options, normal maps, etc. You’ve kept at it, reminding me over and over and I am going to finally learn it. Ha!! :yes: