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(Raven IIC) #601

Really nice works mate, as always :+1:

(Astro1derboy) #602

@Raven_IIC - as always thank you for your kind words! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Astro1derboy) #603

RI Strider - a light trainer/attack/reconnaissance platform (seen here in tech-demo livery). The civilian version is a heavy favorite among locals for weekend flying up and down the coast. Very stable and easy to handle. (Though not exploiting the full capabilities of this craft, the auto take-off and landing nav-module doesn’t hurt public opinion either.) As always thank you for the view/like.

(Astro1derboy) #604

RI GATOR - a heavy-hitter poised, on its monopod, on a landing pad (Sketchfab). Designed for close air support. Also included are some multi-view renders. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

(Astro1derboy) #605

RI SPITFIRE - (in tech-demo livery) a strategic long-range bomber designed for high-level strike capability where precision is essential. This is not a carpet-style bomber but more along the lines of a drone in the sense that it can cover long distances virtually undetected. While boasting an extended range this platform can also be used in any number of missions. This highly maneuverable craft also serves as a reconnaissance platform whether high or low altitude. This craft is designed to fly in and out of atmo. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

Quick Method For Panel Modeling
(Astro1derboy) #606

Hello. Had a request to share my panel-creation techniques. This is really a simple example of how I currently create them. There isn’t really any new process here but I have found it to be the quickest method for me. (My old displacement method (thank you @michalis) requires heavy poly-counts which my computer can’t handle so well these days. I prefer actually displacing geometry rather than using just a normal map.) There are a lot of great ways to do it but this is my quick go-to these days. I also HIGHLY recommend Dan Brown’s (DanBrown CGI) YT videos. Dan is the king starship builder IMO. He hosts the Giant Starship thread in these forums. Anyway . . . here is my current method. Hope this helps clarify . . .

A simple curved surface

Copy the base surface. This will rest exactly on top of your base and will be used to create the panels. Then select various sections and hit Y to separate. Then H to hide. Repeat these steps until you chunk off the sections you desire . . . and continue until all sections are hidden.

Hit Alt+H to unhide everything. Then select I (capital letter ‘i’) to inset the selections. Adjust to taste.

Then select Ctrl+I to invert the selection. These are the faces you want to delete. They are what creates the gaps between the panels. Do this to taste.

On the panels layer I typically add a Solidify modifier set to 0. Then I adjust the thickness as desired. And on top of that I add a Bevel modifier and also adjust to taste.

Hope this helps clarify. Once you get the main steps down you can easily add more base sections and duplicate specific faces, copy them to a separate layer and rejoin with your panels layer. It’s a great way to selectively add new parts to your panels layer as desired. If this is confusing, don’t hesitate to ask. Hope this helps.

(Juris Perkons) #607

Big Thankyou for this tutorial! While we on panels and sci-fi, me as a Blender beginner, I have a question: what’s up with those Blender greeble addons, “discombobulator”? There is older one, works fine on old Blender (249, Python26), and there is new one since 278, but - with a lot less options. Isn’t there a “Gold version”, or maybe some completely other (free) addon? I know that 30USD one. Tempting. But I am not earning moneyz with Blender shenanigans, just hobby :slight_smile:

(Juris Perkons) #608

Mm, paneled city… :slight_smile: Dreamy

(Astro1derboy) #609

I paid for several of Mark Kingsnorth’s add-ons. They’re great for gathering ideas but I still prefer my manual processes overall. I used an old version of Discombobulator, and it was okay, but it was not really what I was looking for to add into my pipeline. Really depends on how you use Blender. In my opinion, if you’re looking for add-ons rather than manual processes, try any of Mark’s. They’re very useful and really fantastic IMO.

Mark Kingsnorth

That being said . . . I advise learning how to accomplish your ideas without add-ons first. Again this is strictly my opinion and I’m not downplaying any of the fantastic add-ons out there. Some of them are extremely valuable and time-saving.

(Juris Perkons) #610

I did quick (okay, it was first time, was not that quick, hehe…) test, i think i am getting that. I will try to show picture here. Additional cut-offs i am doing with knife tool.
Since you said that i can ask more… :slight_smile: I would be thankful if this part “… add more base sections and duplicate specific faces, copy them to a separate layer and rejoin with your panels layer…” you could visualize a bit. If some day you have time for that. But, Thank You for all this so far, this is great.

(Astro1derboy) #611

I will message you separately whenever I am able to reply. (I’m trying to avoid my sketchbook becoming a place for unrelated images rather than my art. I will consider opening a new thread if we need to further discuss.) Look for a reply soon hopefully. :grinning:

(Astro1derboy) #612

RI Hammer Mrk3 - a short-range attack platform (seen here fairly early in its production cycle sporting a tech-demo livery), designed in the same vein as the RI Beast. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

(Juris Perkons) #613

Wow. Well known (well, for me anyway) model, but extremely beefed up. Nice :slight_smile:

(Astro1derboy) #614

Thanks. But to be clear, these are two separate models. They were designed with the same form language. :slight_smile:

(Astro1derboy) #615

Introducing the RI Drahllian Fist Mrk5 - medium-range attack/fighter platform. Really had fun creating this texture set within SP and am planning to use again. Was very pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

(Astro1derboy) #616

Rift Industries Bender - a highly maneuverable long-range reconnaissance/scout platform. This thing can move! Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

(Astro1derboy) #617

RI Dart Mrk5 - this is a new (from scratch) iteration of the RI Dart Mrk3. It’s a small racer-style vehicle . . . except I bulked it up and added some small blasters. Wanted to keep the spirit of the RI Dart Mrk3 but give this model its own uniqueness. This was a fun 2-day project as it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything fresh. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

(Astro1derboy) #618

RI Mustang9 - a ground-based hovering craft. (I was inspired by some of the old WWII vehicles portrayed in EA’s new game Battlefield V . . . yet with my spin on it.) Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like. :sunglasses:

(Astro1derboy) #619

RI Mustang9 views. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.

(Astro1derboy) #620

RI Zip Mrk3 - a medium range civilian class cruiser. Can also be retrofitted for military purposes. Seen here in tech-demo livery. Had some fun exploring shapes. Hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like.