Astrolooter - finished and for download

The installationfile is .exe, hope u linuxkiddies can use wine or something, can post only .blend-file if u all request it so badly… Just tell in that case.
This installationfile however contain unpacked texture and samples to save space then both the .blend-file and an .exe-file is included. :slight_smile:

Download a packed .blend:;8201747;;/fileinfo.html
This is for those who can´t or want use .exe

This is it. The project I been working on now last mouth, hope u enjoy it :o…

Control your Looter inside astroids and caves to collect crystals on 7 levels.


PS: if you find any bugs or problem with the software, plz tell. I done my best to kill all bugs, but not sure if it any left.

I played the demo you released a while back and I thought it was great…BUT

I am on a Mac, so please PM me the .blend


hm… I see… I will now uploaded a packed .blend-file at :;8201747;;/fileinfo.html


It looks great. I love your flash like blender games. I’ve always wanted to make one.

Make more of these! I played this one for about 40 min. That being I had to restart a few times because mac doesnt do well with sounds, but anyways…MAKE MORE!

It´s great u liked the game, I´m not sure what my next project will be, but I target to make the next project even better if possible.

hey , nice game :slight_smile: and simple too :slight_smile:

Great that u like my game…ey, I´m planning to do somekind of futuristic racinggame, with splitscreen and stuff liek AI and stuff…
I already made a halfdone techdemo about it. See it later… Meanwhile, game astrolooter and other awesome games around here…
//yeahman - With a capital Y.