Astromonkey Model

Hi all!
I want to share my last model with all of you.
The concept is from a friend of mine, Alberto Sanz.

I’ll do the textures soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

All done in Blender. Modeling, lighting and render.
Hope you like it!


Looks very clean and well modeled to me. I don’t like the square ear but that’s the only thing that bothers me.

Thanks thelonesoldier!

The square ear it’s a design decision, so it’s hard to change it at this stage

I can picture this character in an animation. I like it so far. look forward to seeing it with textures.

  • Floyd

I did the texture. I’ll do a nice render soon :slight_smile:

Skin’s a bit bright.

Thanks for moving the thread!

Here are the final textures.
Now it’s time to do the shaders and the lighting :slight_smile:

I did some modeling tweaks. Looks more natural right now :slight_smile:

Very nice character, I second the remark on the ears that i don’t like either.

Thanks man. The ears are a design decision, and I change it a little bit since the first version as you can see :wink:

Looks cool. I think his ears are looking better now that they are a bit more rounded. My main suggestion is that the ‘thumbs’ on his boots should be thicker. As they currently stand, when you consider the thickness of the leather (or whatever material the boots are made of), plus the normal breathing room you expect inside footwear, there isn’t much room for a toe. I think they need to be nearly twice as thick.

It’s looking good, though. Keep it up!