Astronaut/Space Marine Game Model

Made this for one of my BGE projects, but I’m not too sure about my design so far. Ideas are very welcome.

Some changers to be made:
replace the 2d textured eyes on the model with proper spheres
some more detail to the armor (normal maps, some oxygen gear along the back)
add some generic gear


Not bad, however i dont like the helmet at all.

The design so far seems pretty solid, and the anatomy appears quite correct. Contrary to DDD, I like the helmet ^.^ and I think it would look really cool with a see-thru visor with visible hud. I do not, however, like the camoflauge. I’d go with something alot less contrasty, maybe even one solid base color with one or two complimentary colors. Here’s some examples of futuristic camo
[1] [2]


I’ve got some other helmet designs here, if you see anything you like, let me know.
My personal favorites are “miner” and “el bandito”

@QS Dragon
The helmet actually has a heat/bullet shield that pivots up and down. I haven’t modelled a visor yet, but it will be used as part of the in-game hud. Thanks for the links. I think I’ll use something like the second style.


I’m digging the “Sam Fisher”

I think maybe the reason i dont like it cuz it is solid? i dunno, maybe if the gil could see through the helmet, it would help…
I like the miner too, but she is not a miner so that wouldn’t do.

I added some nightvision goggles to the current visor, instead of remaking the entire helmet. It looks a bit better, and a lot less boring. I also added some oxygen tubes/wiring in the back and found some better camouflage.

Soon I’ll begin work modeling the gear and weaponry. Does anyone have suggestions? I was thinking of a nearly tubular rifle, something like the Russian “VSS” sniper rifle, and a revolver like the Mateba. Now I just need to come up with some excuse to allow the guns to fire in space.


From a realism standpoint, I think the old camo is better. It breaks up her profile and makes it hard to see which way she is facing, what kind of gear she has, and (if she’s in a group) how many people are with her. From a beauty standpoint (which is rather important since this is more art than engineering), the new camo is better.

Cool design. Good luck.

Hmm, i like the old one better, both from realism and art stand points :slight_smile:

reminds me of a storm trooper…

Once I start getting the environment’s colors down, I’ll finalize the camo. That way it’ll be something that won’t dissappear, but something that will look like it belongs. Against plain space, the first style would look like a giant piece of perforated paper, and the second like a granite statue.


i changed the geometry around a bit, thickened up the suit slightly and made it less form fitting. It was looking a little campy. I also changed the armor along the arms somewhat.