Hi there! Just wanted to share a very cool model that I did for the Blender Guru, he appeared in one of the promotional images of the Rock Essentials.

The concept art of the astronaut was made by the artist Helen Norcott. A big thanks to Andrew for invite me to do this very cool model.

Everything was done in Blender, rendered in Cycles using Pro-Lighting Skies and the textures are from Poliigon.


Well done, Lucas! You must be very proud of this work, it has a nice vintage feel to it, while still retaining a modern look to the suit.

Did Helen do the concept art for the suit itself, or just for the image for Blender Guru? The man inside reminds me of Brad Pitt in The Martian.

Hi James! Thanks, I’m glad you liked! I think Andrew hired her, to design both the space suit and the scene for the promotional image of the Rock Essentials, but I’m not sure.

Here some more images of the astronaut, with his backpack and wireframe of the model.


I feel a bit contrast will help with the details of the model. Please do closer renders of details.

Brad Pitt??? Nah. Matt Damon.

The suit seems too seamless for my taste, having grown up with hours of images of the Apollo astronauts doing spacewalks and moon journeys. Also compare with (relatively) contemporary EVA garb worn by the shuttle mission specialists. And I have to think, “How does he get into it?”

Otherwise, well-lit and well-rendered. He seems to beg for a full Martian landscape, though.

bigbad, thanks for your feedback! I’ve attached a closer render for you.

chipmasque, you are right, the reference for this guy and his suit was “The Martian” with Matt Damon. And thanks for the feedback! :yes: