Astronauts, Cosmonauts and Argo-nauts.

I was reading about the Argonauts, the 50 heros who travelled with Jason on ship called the Argo to fetch the Golden Fleece. Hence the name the Argo-nauts.

And you start to think, if Argo is the ship and the 50 heros are the nauts/sailors who sailed the Argo. Then an Astro-naut must mean a traveller of the stars. And same goes for Cosmo-naut, traveller of the Cosmos. It’s a good thing they don’t teach us stuff like this in school.

But then I begin to think what is the constellation of Argo Navis is all about. Does anyone have any ideas? Or all this story of the Argonauts simply all astronomical?

Well atleast I don’t think the moderator won’t block this thread, especially since this thread won’t force people to think too hard.:slight_smile:

That’s one way to put out a definition of Astronauts, but what do you call Taikanauts then?

Taikanauts are Chinese space travelers, how do you fit that?

Taikonauts are also travelers of space since taikong is Chinese for space. English speakers use taikonaut to note that they are astronauts from China, similar to how we use cosmonaut to refer to astronauts from Russia.


Did anyone see that clip where the astronaut loses about 100k of tools in space ? She sure made a name for herself. Remember folks to carry an umbrella when the tool bag lands back to earth . . . shortly.

kbot reminded me of the time at Apollo 13 where the ground team had to figure out a way to put a round filter into a square slot (or was it square into round?) They had to do that using only the extra clutter on the spacecraft. ORRR the time Neil Armstrong fit his pen into a socket to trigger some navigation system so they would land correctly… They still landed miles off course.:wink:

As for Argonauts, if astronauts and cosmonauts and taikonauts mean “travelers of space”, then Argonaut would mean “traveler of the Argo.” That I see the logic in. But for Argo Navis, Maybe it’s a completely unrelated name? I don’t know, because I don’t know the story of the Argonauts. I have to check it out.

Naut means sailor. As in “nautical”.
So Astronaut means “star sailor.”

Argo Navis means “The ship named Argo”