ASUS Eee PC 901 - worth it or not?

Recently I read about that little buddy Eee PC 901 from ASUS and I am wondering if it worth buying to run Blender on it and do mostly low- and high- poly modeling (including UV mapping and texturing), maybe sculpting and animation of low- poly game models.
Is it worth it? I mean it has ugly Intel video in it :slight_smile:
Has anyone tested Blender with that notebook?
Thank you.

Big difference between Blender being able to load and being able to do high poly work. I think the general design behind those is cheap office and email on the run type stuff. Quite happy to be proven wrong, but if someone can use an Eee PC for something like decent sculpting or a fluid sim I will eat my own hat.

Figure of speech.

I like my hat a lot.

Yea, have fun sculpting with an EEE pc :no:
My iBook even struggles with more than 30k vertices, I can’t imagine that you would be able to get any higher than 15k vertices on an EEE.

Ok. What about just low- poly modeling and animation? Will Blender perform sufficiently enough for those tasks?

You should check out Acer’s new Netbook… “Aspire One”. The price is amazing! Only ~$350 USD, and the stats are decent. (Some models have 1 GB of Ram, 120 GB HDD, Intel 950 integrated Graphics, and Linux OR Windows XP)

I have an EeePC that I got as an out the door sub notebook to take when my 17" is a pain to lug around. And it works well I run Blender on it but I don’t recommend doing too complex work on it. Also I dumped the factory OS and went with Ubuntu.

well, if these are the really small white ones, they are cute little things… and come with linux. so why not :slight_smile: i’m thinking of getting myself… just tried it a little bit in one store, and ofcourse it came to my mind also if blender would run on it. only thing i could try though, was to see if it has opengl acceleration turned on… which wasn’t… :frowning:


I’m really happy with my little pal 701. It was fun to have Blender course with it! :yes: