ASUS GeForce 9600 GSO?

Can anyone vouch for this card? Currently, I’m going to buy one in my new system after Christmas, but before I do I want to know how it does in Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc. If you have any experience or can redirect me to some good reviews, I’d appreciate it a lot!

P.S. I know this card has to be at least ok because it can run Crysis on Very High Settings.

Eh, its just ASUS’s version of the nVidia GeForce 9600.

Should run Blender just fine. I’ve had good experience with ASUS products (I use one of their motherboards), and I assume their graphics card will be just as good f quality.

Well, then I guess the question is: Is 9600 GSO chip any good? But I’m sure it is…

Also, note two things: The GSO is factory overclocked, not the same as a 9600. Also, This is the exact same card as the 8800 GS, renamed, so how are those?

I have a 17" Asus laptop, while I know their lappys are wonderful, I can not say much about their video cards… but from what I have heard–and seen on NewEgg–eVGA is the brand you should look towards when it comes to video cards.

I’ve got an MSI 9600GSO pre-overclocked double-memory card.
It pushes blender flawlessly (more than I can say about my ATI IGP).
The only recent game I’ve used it with so far is UT3 which runs great at 1680x1050 and never noticed any frame-rate problems.

There is no 9600. There is a 9600GT which is quite different hardware: g94 chip versus the g92 in the 9600GSO. They are however comparable performance-wise.

Surt: That’s great news! Also, have you used it in any GameBlender stuff? Can you give me any kind of benchmarks you may have?

Here’s the apricot bench if it’s any help:

Blender: Built on 2008-07-17 00:41:54, Rev-15608    Version linux2 dynamic
Platform: linux2
GPU: NVIDIA Corporation, GeForce 9600 GSO/PCI/SSE2
Driver: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 173.14.09
Window: 1681 x 997 pixels
Multisample: 0 buffers, 0 samples

223.194825 FPS (glsl)
200.398262 FPS (glsl, lights)
198.385089 FPS (glsl, lights, extra_textures)
196.081971 FPS (glsl, lights, shaders, extra_textures)
193.853771 FPS (glsl, lights, ramps, shaders, extra_textures)
152.454792 FPS (glsl, lights, shadows)
148.315540 FPS (glsl, lights, shaders, shadows, ramps, extra_textures)



That’s a lot of FPS.


I can’t imagine when I SLI a couple of these suckers together!!!

Just for the record, why are you asking what we think about the card on the 04th of august when your blog tells us that you already got the card on the 14th june?

And a card being able to run Crysis on very high is no indicator how good a card is for working, there are different focuses.
The best cards for 3DCG/CAD are still the Quadro IMO. But they are pricy :wink:
The Quadro FX flagship ATM:

Click for wet eyes

IMO the 9600 is a midrange card. And i would not run it with a SLI. Its a waste of money for the performance boost you get.

Yeah, I guess I didn’t describe that very well on my blog… I meant I’ve changed which one I’m going to buy…oh well.

Also, I’m going to be doing some gaming on this pc, but I would KILL to have a quadro.

Thanks for the tip. What about SLI 8800s? I might do that later on.

I run 8800GTS on SLI. I am satisfied. Blender runs smoothly up to ~300k shaded polygons, and i havent found a game yet i can´t play on very high in 1280x1024 but i run 1600x1200 mostly or 1680x1050 when i use the other display but also in 16:10 no probs.

Some time ago i got a 6800GT. All the GT and GTX and ULTRA of the 68xx series can be modded to a quadro via rivatuner´s nvstrap driver hook. or simply flash a new vga bios. performance is almost similar to a quadro 45fx if i remember right. you just miss the high resolutions and the display outputs a quadro has. and the larger vram.
a 6800 should be ~50 bucks on ebay.

So…a 6800 can overclock to the speed of a Quadro??

I just bought an eVGA 9600GT and Blender runs very well on it. I haven’t had the time to really put it throught it’s paces yet but a couple of old .blends that really bogged down before now run great.
I could have gotten the MSI card cheaper but eVGA has great support.

yeah, but the 9600GT is different than the GSO. The GSO is factory overclocked and more powerful, which I guess is a good thing. I may opt for the EVGA, depending on how much I get for christmas and birthday…