Asus i7 and nvidia card (boring post with no useful info)

Oh thank you [insert diety]. I just got a new computer with a nvidia card and can finally start using cycles! Now I completely feel behind the curve, but am looking forward to working with cycles. I am glad that cycles worked out of the box for me. System pref turned on cuda and it worked. The computer I got is:

Asus i7, 8 gig ram, nvidia 660m w/2gig Not the greatest, but much better than the Imac with standard graphics. Cycles is now usable.

Have an awesome day everyone!

That’s really enjoyable! Cheers!
Win or Linux?

Yes, it’s pretty cool isn’t it? :slight_smile:

That’s how I felt half a year ago when I finally decided to get a second hand 590 to speed things up “a bit”. Have fun!

Btw, deity or diety? :wink:

It’s amazing when you get some new fangdangled hardware that is just the bees knees. I’ve had me laptop for the last 3 years (i5) and expect it to go on for the next few years. I was doubly happy when I gots it brand new.

you felt way better than 99% of us lol
the 590 is as fast or faster than the titan at rendering XD