asylum (update)

hi, bad mood today.

I actually find this one pretty cool(though the dispacement of the focal object is odd), very interesting shaders.

With such uniform lighting, though, It would be good too have a bit of dof to help us discern the foreground form theh back.
Nice work overall,

Cool, but you couldve made it really spooky using the right lighting. Nice piece nonetheless.


It doesn’t strike me as ‘good quality’ work (no offense), more like a game screenshot. Nonetheless, I agree with others about lighting. And I really like the expansive feel and scale the image has.:yes:

@free_ality, thanks, i will look again tonight at the lighting, actually i gave it no consideration at all?
@Borgleader, you should recognize some of it as it is several borg cubes rotated making the background, veiwed from inside. lighting will be looked at.:yes:
@tcrazy, thanks.
@blenditall, I’ll post the camera settings to show how I achieved the massive expanse.
it was the most difficult thing trying ti fill it with something.
thanks for the replies, m.a.

Sorry I don’t like it! The none existing lightning or too uniform lightning and no shadows destroys the whole scene.

the camera settings are
Lens 10.24
DofDist 25.08

162380 verts

I tried to add some atmosphere to the scene.
Do You think it looks better?

I think the middle part should be brightly highlighted with light and dark parts in the walls, then use the compositor to make the brightest areas glow.