Asymmetric Skies | work in progress

An early prototype footage from my BGE flight/action game.

I am bad at programing, so i use just a few codes, and a LOT OF game logic bricks.

I want to make a true oldschool but modern flight-action game, like Ace combat 3 , 4

Wow that looks very cool already! I like the filters and the style of the game. Looking forward to see more of this game :D. Though when you´re only using logic bricks it will get hard to create a very big functioning system for such a game. You might want to lern python to try and program most of your functions. It´s actually not as hard as it sounds to learn python :smiley:

Thanks, sky!

Liquid Air - update#1 (rain) :

Liquid Air - update#2 (storm) :

This is so great. Congratulations man

Amazing game! :open_mouth:

Agreed with renderblendersky - you need to learn Python. I kinda know some components of ~4 languages(python - very well, Java - medium, HTML - medium and C++ - low) and I can tell you for sure that Python is the easiest out of them. Python might be one of the easiest languages in world. So you must be able to learn it easy:D

I must say I am very impressed with your game.
The enviroment looks quite good, the effects are good, your info system is awesome…
You could make it a AAA game if you would make a more realistic looking jet.
Oh and about python, as the others said you really need to learn it, if you want to take your game to the next level. It’s quite simple once you learn the basics.

Good luck with your awesome game :slight_smile:

Wow man please you should really go on to Coding im telling you man you’ll be Great i really love the Graphics you’ve put in there man Nice work though this is really a Nice project man Keep it up man.

Wow… it rocks !

man are you kidding me this is awesome, it,s more than i can ask, i try,d to do something like that but i suck,d on it , this is awesome, can you Describe how did you made the air jet dynamic movement? what type of physics is it? please ^_^!

:slight_smile: THANK YOU GUYS! Glad to hear that you like it ! :slight_smile:

Ice Man, Adrians Netlis : this jet is just a prototype (for trying out things, to see how it works in motion) and probably it wont be in the game. I drew 15-20 models of aircrafts, but i didnt make them in 3d yet. So there will be a lot of variations/changes in the jets speed, response and behavior.

I have HUGE amount of ideas, what i want to make, and i am really, REALLY GLAD to see that you like this early version of the game !!

P.proj : I will make a video (or at least screenshots) about my jets properties, if you want, but this is a very early version of the jet. It has not acceleration for example :frowning: .

And okay guys, i will learn python :slight_smile:

can wait to see that ^_^, and i hope get your game out side one day

Looks fantastic :slight_smile:

Liquid Air - update#3 (collisions and some new hud FXs)

My only reaction: DAAAAMN!! :smiley:
This game looks and sounds really nice, keep up the amazing work!
I give you 5 stars

Woa o.o it looks like a bunch of boom boom actions!

Liquid Air - update#4 (cockpit, hover, aa/sam)

Looks Great, oh and by the way the game does not Lag or glitch which is a good sign man.
i like the Graphics and HUD’s. Keep it up man !!!

Thanks Fred! Yeah, the optimization is very, VERY RELEVANT for me !
Glad you like it !