AT-AT from a new guy

Hello all,
I just picked up Blender this summer and have been reading these forums just about every day. Just wanted to introduce myself, and as per “tradition” show one of my works. It is of course still a WIP.
Just wanted to thank the makers of Blender, I have already used it to design a Binder cover for the company I work for, which got my some extra points with the boss :slight_smile:

Rendered in Yafray, a tad bit of post processing in Gimp for contrast and brightness correction. Hope I get the upload right, if not here is a another link


very nice…
[ shifty/jealous eyes] too nice if you ask me… [/ shifty/jealous eyes]

:oi wish i could do that…

:(oh well…

anyway keep it up, maybe some nice textures etc…:slight_smile:

What’s WIP about it? Looks done to me… :smiley:

And WHY would you need to texture an AT-AT? Just leave it like that…it’s supposed to be grey. :slight_smile:

make an wookie driving for the hell of it

put a nice dirt map on it and maybe some dents and scratches and itll look great. nice modelling.
oh yeah, maybe add some detail to the environment.

not to sound overly rude… or sceptical…
but… im noticing a varity of… overly noticable errors to this image that really make me doubt the users claimto it being his… i could be wrong entirely and my appologies if this be the case… but please see it from my reasoning…

simple things that are EASILLY fixed for those with an eye for detail… an eye that is easilly had by someone capable of making a rather nicly detaied render such as this…

  1. feet arent level wiht the ground, front foots almost floating… the 3rd one back is angled to be partially in the ground… the last foot is actually clearly submerged into the ground… being a “rigged to animate” model… then actually adjusting the vehickles position where the feet rested uniformly on the ground would take all of a few minutes and just minor adjusting but it went oddly ignored.

  2. a small problem with set smooth… 2 clicks will render an entire mesh as smooth… yet the sand dunes in the background between the atats legs are not tes to smooth showing off its squared edges.

both of these are small simple mistakes that people that really know thier way around the blender interface rarely if almost never make… and im sorry… anyone that can throw out that level of detail for thier “first run” would have spotted them and fixed and rerendered… especially after putting in so much time in the vehicles mesh design.

Again… if i am wrong on this then i humbly appologize, but to me it looks like someone got ahold of someone eles vehivle file from the net, loaded it into blender and tried to make a reasonable background for it for thier first go around.

I can attest its 100% mine, working from these plans

1. Its a WIP, of course there are errors.
2. I just started Blending a few months ago, so I am still learning the details.
3. Making geometric shapes is nothing new, been a AutoCad jocky for over 2 years.
4. 15 years of drawing/painting has given me a good eye for recreating what I see.
5. Modeled in Yafray to hide the curve burns, you know, what noobs make the mistake of doing?
6. I am a Star Wars nut, so I wanted there to be good detail.

I know you apologized in advance if you were wrong (and you are) but I have not seen a post here before questioning the authenticity of someones work.
This was the second attempt at modeling the AT-AT (you REALLY do not want to see the first one). I spent a LONG time learning on this model, doing things over and over again.

I will not take the time to defend myself again, either you like my work or you don’t.

sorry about this, I really am a nice, fun guy until I get worked up.

looks like he did it to me, lay off him…just because it’s his first post doesn’t mean he didn’t put in the time…

Icie… again i appologize… and yes… as shamefull as it is… there have been. many… falsified images here at the forums… the reason they are rarely seen as once they are proven falsified… the users account is banned and the threads immediatly removed.

I honestly welcome you to the blender community… and again appologize for my statemtents… but the irregularities were enough of an unusual nature to cause me to question the images truthfullness.

As for the curve burn… if its a similiar burn that i mentioned in another thread… avoiding it when using setsmooth on an object can easilly be avoided by setting the entire mesh to smooth… then going around the edges that you want as sharp… pressing Control+N and at the bottom setting is the edges sharpness… rais that level to 0.900 for a crisp edge without fear of burns onthe rest of the mesh.

FAIR warning… i HIGHLY suguest not raising the edge sharpness EVER to 1.000 as ive had on more then one occasion partw of the mesh go from burned to think solid black spots around the edges that were set to 1.000… this was an older version of blender andi know not if that has been adressed but a 0.900 still appears to be a true sharp edge and removes all errors from the 1.000 setting.