(Cativo) #1

i don’t feel like uploading to geocities…sorry!
What do you think?

(Ecks) #2

Hi cativo! I like ti alot. It really look like an At-at! good job!

but …did you begin to model something for us (The Exodus)? And the you get my mail about the forum?

([email protected]) #3

hi X-warrior i figured this is the best way to talk to you. my modems down i cant connect im on a collage computer so i cant chat. im finnishing the texture on the project i was doing and iv started the mech.

happy blending :slight_smile:

(Ecks) #4

hehe we’re talking in another person thread…Cool idea! Yea I was asking why I haven’t seen you in a week…So keep up the good work…and check your mailbox. I have sent you a link to something…hehe :wink:

(Cativo) #5

X-warrior: thank you! about the cruiser…I got started this week, I’ll have something ready for monday…I hope :slight_smile: