AT-PT Transport from Star Wars

this is a very old project i was working on 3 years ago here is what i had done at the time

it looks okay but when i look back at it i feel i could have done it better so i took another shot at it and here is what i have
what do you guys think ?

I think the model is pretty accurate. Some suggestions I have are to add the main turret on the AT-PT and to add more textures to the AT-PT. Do you have a rig for it?

Regarding The main turret idk how i missed it will model it and add it to the model the texture on the Other hand i am not sure what to do yet, i didn’t rig it and i don’t think it would be easy to rig. I am glad you liked the model

The rig would be fairly simple. You just need a bone for the center pod, leg bones (probably IK), a bone for the main cannon (you could make it FK or set up a target constraint), and a main bone. Making rigs for machinery is simple as you probably modeled it in several parts. As for textures, take a look at this:

Thanks for the info legoman the problem is that its all one mesh i could probably separate parts and do what you said but am not yet familiar with the rigging i do simple rigs but when it comes to ik or fk stuff i don’t know what am doing, i really like the model you attached it has every thing my model is missing

If that’s the case, you should try remodeling it with low poly shapes. Then work on the details. It makes things easier to rig and to add textures.

Thank you for the advice i will do that and post my results soon

so i modeled the turret and changed the background to white also freestyle is on just to see what will it look like

i though it would be like 1000000 verts but its actually just 166000 i just need to separate the parts and rig them also am not interested in animation yet but i guess i have to complete a project even if am not going to use all its features

Nice! You should change the material to something less glossy. I would love to see it rigged. Nice job!

Will lower the glossy falue abit then try to rig it hopefully, thanks alot