AT-RT Starwars Walker Pet project

Hi All I’ve started A WIP here to show anyone who is interested a project i began a few hours ago. the AT-RT from starwars.

This is by far the most complex model i have ever attempted to make. So i may be asking for some advice along the way.

and if by any chance there is someone who wants to know how i did something or anything else i can do to help then let me know. im hoping to release this onto blend swap as i want to give back to the community for the help i have gotten so far.

Anyway, Hope you Enjoy
Happy Blending & A Merry Christmas


Done some more work on the legs.

One thing ive learnt from modelling something this complex to someone of my skill level. is that blocking it out with basic primitive and then replacing them with the detailed versions later is something i should start getting into the habit of doing. as i have had troubles with scaling and getting the right overall shape and size starting with detailed pieces.

Constructive Feedback & Advice wanted/Needed



Very nice start!