AT-ST render

I started working on this AT-ST just last night and it is already finished. :smiley: I created EVERYTING myself…except for the grass texture. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t be too picky, because as I said above it didn’t take very long and I am not as experienced has some of the wizards on BA. I am only 11. :cool: Anyways, here it is…Ladies and gentleman…the AT-ST:

Looks good mokazon!

What would be really cool here is to see the gunfire from the AT-ST a little more staggered. Don’t have all the bolts right at there source.

The explosion is good, but it looks out of place. One simple thing can fix this problem. Make more. Lust make more explosions and enemy gun fire and make it look like a war zone!

Good job!

does this look better?

AWESOME DUDE!! Yes! Much better! Nice work!

Thanks robo3dguy! Right now I am modeling a battle droid. Do you think I should add some too the scene?

Well, In the films you never see battle droids and AT-ST’s together. (and please correct me if I’m wrong) But you could make a scene set in the time of The Force Unleashed when the Empire rises. Now according to canon the Trade Federation was defeated before this setting, but you could make up some stuff like a Jedi finds an antient stockpile of battle droids and uses them against the new and growing Empire. (though most of the Jedi were killed as a result of Order 66 but there were a few survivors…)

But yeah, even if you don’t want to be cannonically acurate, B1’s would look great here!

Hmmm…I guess you’re right. Ya, only two jedi(yoda, obi-wan) survived. Maybe in a few days I’ll model a storm trooper or a scout trooper. I’ll add some trees and foliage too.

Scenery would look really good.

And actually, there were many Jedi who survived! Say for example, all the Jedi Starkiller was sent to kill (Rahm Kota, Kadzan Paratus, Shakk Ti…)

Who are Rahm Kpta and Kadzan Paratus? Are they in the original trilogy? Maybe I should have opened this thread in the WIP projects…

could you tell me how you made the explosions? those are exactly what I need, they look ten times better than anything I’ve made before.

Kota and Paratus are from The Force Unleashed, the latest Star Wars video game. You can check it out on wookiepedia if you are unfamiliar with it:

What he did was actually made it a mesh…its not a particle system
then he just added texture…im guessing this looking at his screen with the meshes
He also put more lights around the explosion

yeah, i figured it was a mesh, but still…

dividedspleen23: I made a uvsphere, then I made a cloud texture. I added a displacement modifier to the sphere and boom! I colored the sphere brown and added three yellow and orange spots on it.

with vertex paint? that might be a problem, vertex painting never works for me,

no, with materials

Oh…you mean for the spots? I meant spots as in spot lights.

and i assume the lights are set to layer only? :slight_smile:

No, I just had to posision the lights so that they don’t shine on the ground. It took a while for each explosion. :confused:

you can set the lights so it only bounces off objects on the same layer as it. Put the explosions on the same as the lights, and everything else on another.