AT-TE, for a Crysis mod

Comments and criticisms welcome. :wink:

And keep in mind that I have a poly limit of about 20,000 so I can’t really go any higher than this.

you can use normalmaps for more detail :wink:
And even for getting rid of some unnecessary faces like those small squares.

This may help you add detail in other places:

You could probably simulate this effect with a normal map or parallax occlusion map. I love your mesh though, it looks great.

looks awesome!

astonishing details, I love to see such a good detailed models!

Great model. Do a turntable so we can see the thing from all sides. I think you need to use edgesplit and set smooth in certain places but otherwise great. Waiting to see how it looks textured.

Very nice, cant crit that…except that it could do with a few fuel tanks to pop with a sniper rifle :wink:

Cool will you show it in crysis when its done

Awesome… simply awesome.