At what minimum distance dont two planes overlap anymore?

I have a made a plane on which I applied a solidify modifier of 0.00025m

So its very very thin thickness to this ‘wall’

After I applied the modifier, i want to give the outer face a different material then the inner face.

However, when I select a face, i can see that the other face is overlapping and vice versa. It seems as if the distance between the two faces is to small.

Is this a limitation of the solidify modifier? At what distance dont the faces overlap anymore?

Is there a way to fix this? I really need that small distance between them for this project. I dont want to make it any thicker…

precision problem
blender internal is limited to 7 digits with scale = 1

so you cannot use 0.00025 cause it is smaller then the minimum value seen by bl internal

make your thickness larger more then 0.001 then it should work fine

happy bl

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im sorry… i forgot to mention i am in Blender 2.8 cycles

Is there anyway I can fix this problem…without increasing the thickness?

you could change the scale to cm or bigger then might work

or just scale model up X 10 do whatever you need then afterward you can re scale down
but as I said if you really need to be lower then 0.001 bl internal won’t see it anyway
so better change the world scale to get more precision

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I will try to set the scale then… The default scale in Blender is 1 meter right? So if I want to go to cm’s i set the value to 0.01?

thanks for your help so far btw

depends if you are in 2.79 or 2.8 test the scale !

happy bl

Viewport and camera have separate clipping start/end values. Try making the value range much narrower.

If nothing else works, could put the shader tree from the front face material into a group, add it to the other material, and mix the original tree with the group, with backfacing as the mix factor. That way the same shader is seen from the front even if the face in the back shows through, and since they’re the same, no artifacts.

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