At work

HI-RES VERSION ( 1600x1200, 600 KB )

A graphic artist desk.

In this render I tryied to achieve photorealism using only Blender Internal rendering engine.

Some technical stuff:

  • the scene has 140064 faces.
  • the rendering time was 2 hours, 9 minutes in 1600x1200.

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen few cups reflect at such a rate. But overall it’s a very impressive render, very good!

very nice render, specially only using the internal!

IMHO, the keyboard is a little weird, seems absent of any bumpiness, and seems a little to reflective, i dunno…

Very nice.

I was wondering, are there grooves in the black part of the cd-cases? I can’t seem to see them if they’re there. Or maybe they are smooth cases, don’t know.

Also, wheres the mouse cord going if the keyboard is to the left? To me it looks a bit wierd.

love: the mouse model! Very nice! Did you make it yourself, or did you find it somewhere?

not-so-much: the wood tex for the desk. Needs a hi-rez map.

Top noch my friend.

I would tone down the bumpmap for the cup and also make it less reflective or blur the reflection a bit.

one of the best renders I’ve seen for the subject of work. well done.


You do realize that Blender Internal is very capable.

You do realize that Blender Internal is very capable.[/quote]

Yes, but other render engines are more than very capable. coughmaxwellcough

There are there, just the bottom of the case is black, so its imposible to see them on this render. :slight_smile: I’ll try to make a cd case render tomorrow.

Well… it goes somewhere under the desk. And the keyboard cable goes the other way around? :stuck_out_tongue: It could also be a wireles keyboard… exept, that i modeled the keyboard I have on my desk, which isnt wireles. :wink:

Everything in this scene was modeled by me, and also most textures which i painted in Photoshop. The rest are blender procedural textures.

Textures wchich i didint do myself are: wood, verbatim label (scanned), mousepad, blender logo on the cup.

Also link to WIP thread on,com_simpleboard/Itemid,49/func,view/id,16659/catid,18/

And thanks for all the comments and crits. :slight_smile:

That type of mouse is not reflective at all in real life, wheras the CD cases should be quite reflective. Other than that, very nice!

It is a little reflective, but due to those small bumps the reflection should be very blured, which I didnt do. :stuck_out_tongue:

That mouse is the model i have on my desk, only the diffrence is, mine is optical and the lower part is semi-transparent black with a visible red light inside. I decided it would take to much time to modell the inside of the mouse, so i made it not transparent. :smiley:

Agree. Thanks for the comment. :slight_smile:

Edit: the promised cd-box render (with a little changed material settings)

dude if you fixed the material on the black plastic and had i hi res texture it would look so awsome great work