Atari 2600

It’ll be a long time before I have a scene ready for this, so I’m calling the model finished for now.

Updated since my last WIP:

Added woodgrain.
Modelled the Atari logo - textures would’ve been too easy! :stuck_out_tongue:
Switched the thing off!

God I loved that system. Still have one kicking around somewhere too.

Great job on the model.


i remember having one of those, i used to play superman on it… i miss it :frowning:

nice model ;):cool:

the atari was my very first computer those where the days of computing.

Yeah. I Still have one of these too (who doesn’t?..many where made - really many!)

About your model. Weee it’s the 6 switches original (the one I have from 1977-78) and you’re missing the stereo-speakers (well…it doesn’t have ANY speakers…but the plastic case from that model actually have two holes for two speakers that you can easily spot from that angle…so you probably haven’t modelled those yet, am I right?)

Otherwise it seems pretty faithful (far better than your 64 model that is off-model)

I’ve never seen an Atari with holes in it; the model is complete when compared to the machine it was made from. It’s a PAL console:

Thanks, but what’s wrong with my C64? How is it off-model? Don’t tell me it should have holes in it as well!


Nice, although the Atari logo looks a bit skewed. must be the angle :slight_smile:

There were many versions of that console. I now have a more recent one (heh, recent) and still some cartridges. You prolly want some of those modelled and textured too :slight_smile:

And his c64 model looks quite accurate. Perhaps you’re confused with my C64 model (the one without the key texture)

I’m curious where these models will turn up again?

Top-down render for comparison with photo:

Logan: Hm… maybe I did! :open_mouth:
If so (sorry about that Danny…will check later)

But you’re not getting off so easily on the holes (I’m something of an atari fan…and the image you’ve posted DO have the holes…they’re just not easy to see (look for the two round circles you can barely see in your posted image).

They’re used as air-vent holes in the casing…and I do believe all old models
have these (I’ve never seen an older model without them)

Look again.

If not, check your OWN version if you have one. If you don’t
I’ll try to photograph mine and show it here…but do try to find one
on the net first as it will be a bit cumbersome for me because of different camera/versus/linux cardreader issues I have…can be done…but cumbersome. :wink:

(And don’t be snide just because you get some useful critique)

Yes! I see them now. Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-assed uncle; I’ve had one of these for 25 years and never noticed them before. I’ll add them to the model when I get time.

Didn’t mean to be snide - this forum needs more emoticons; I refuse to use the gay pink ones. The critique is always appreciated.

LOL! :smiley:
All good.

JoOngle - how’s this? These aren’t visible at all from the front!

Nice, Danny! :wink:

Anyhow, they are sort of visible. As you can see from the original the
molding is somewhat visible in eg. strong light. The plastic mold affects
the body somehow and the “round” shapes can be seen (you can see
this in the top image you posted earlier…but just barely) On some models
it’s even more visible. Of course, minor detail - but you care for details
so why not :wink:

A couple of extra details:

  • The “Wood-lookalike” deco on the Atari front is a bit more “rounded” than
    in your version (rounded on top). This goes for ALL models.

  • And they end on top, not all the way like in your example, there’s supposed to
    be black-plastic and not wood-covering all the way around like in your latest

When you’re finished with the nit picking on the texturing - the worst part
comes to play… and that’s putting into the right light setting, as it is now
your model is pretty cool and you COULD leave it like that, but don’t
you want to go all the way? Experiment with a more “matte” surface
rather than all glossy, experiment with putting it in an environment that
affect it without the background if you want to (slightly reflective, and yet
not too much) .

It’s that extra edge that brings it all the way.

Hmm, that’s food for thought. I am planning to do a scene with this, but I have to model a late 1970s TV first. Good point about the woodgrain, you obviously have a better eye for these things than I do.

I will come back to this one, bearing in mind what you said. You’re right about the subtle reflectivity; this worked well on the joystick.

Thank you all for the comments.

Looks like we’ve got some serious Atari buffs right here, eh?
Anyway, great model! I really liked to play on those as a kid, though I never had one myself. Those were the days, when concoles still had wood on them (even if it was fake)!