Oi, I’ve decided to start my first real game project: Até.

Gameplay: It’ll play out something like the Bourne Conspiracy, but with improved fighting, sprinting, driving and shooting mechanics…
Graphics: Até’ll probably look something like this commercial, except more proportional… Plenty of flashbacks and other trippy-ass effects…
Story: Your classic revenge plot, something to the effect of B13

– Why Até?
Até is the name of the Roman goddess of revenge, so it fits with the plot… Well, that and it sounds kinda cool…
– How far along are you?
10% I’m getting the animation system up and running, then will start some AI…
– How can we ascertain this project wouldn’t just crawl up and die?
You can’t. I’m making sure to keep the game within my abilities and have no plans for this to die, but you never know
– Aren’t you already doing the story for this?
Change in management, I’m all clear now.
– Screenies/demo?
Alpha, mid-Nov, incoming… :wink:

Seeing as its mechanics are taking much more effort then previously anticipated, I’m withdrawing Até from the 2010 Summer Game Competition

sounds good
u should be able to free run too :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, don’t worry that’s up there on my list of things… :stuck_out_tongue:
On a side note, I’m about 5% into an alpha, got the camera up and running…

i wanna see it!!!