ATI 9200 Blender 2.5 glsl support

I have recently bought a new graphics card - an ATI 9200. This was because my previous graphics card did not have glsl support. So I went to the site, and it said that this graphics card was compatible. However, this was for Blender 2.49. As I could not find anything for Blender 2.5 about glsl support, I decided to take the risk and get the graphics card. I downloaded the test file from, and it did not work. I then did the tutorial itself, and yet again it didn’t work. I have not provided a blend file as I downloaded the test file, and you can find it there, I’m just wondering if the specifications for glsl have changed in Blender 2.5.

PROGRESS: So far we’ve established that glsl works on my card, but when I try to do shadows it all falls down.

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Is this test file a glsl file? And if yes, is it properly configured to work on ATI? ATI is strict regarding glsl shaders sythax. If the tutorial was made in a nvidia video card computer it probably will now work on ATI(unless the coder knew this ATI behavior).

If your card is a ATI 9200 as you say then it can’t be new. The 9200 is a decade old. It may not even be capable of GLSL.

Perhaps you just got the name wrong, or didn’t install the drivers for the card. Try doing that, and also, post a screenshot of what it looks like when you enable GLSL mode on the default screen. That’s something that we all can easily see and compare working GLSL to.

Radeon 9200
Chip RV280
Vertex S. Version 1.1
Pixel S. Version 1.4

Another possible reason: you either haven’t tweaked your shader according to new API.
here’s another test blend containing most simple GLSL shader, just press ‘p’ and see if u see a red cube:
If you do, that means your card is configured for GLSL.
EDIT:- oh forgot, there is a simpler way to check that, just open blender> press n> choose GLSL under display & switch to texture mode. If u see cube looking a bit shiny (due to per-pixel lighting) that means glsl is working. Otherwise it might be driver problem. Blender 2.5x still supports glsl 1.10, so I think that should work on your card.

Sorry about the late reply.

The card is an ATI 9200 - the computer itself is over 10 years old. I know it is at least compatible with Blender 2.49 glsl, as I searched ‘Blender 2.5 glsl graphics card support’, and it said that the ATI 9200 was compatible, if on the lower end of the spectrum. However, this was for Blender 2.49, not 2.5.

@SolarLune - I did install all the drivers(as far as I’m aware)

As I am posting this from my mobile phone, I am unfortunately unable to test it out right now, but I will post again when I can.

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I dont think there has been any change yet between blender 2.49 and blender 2.5 GLSL, that means if you can run GLSL in blender 2.49 with your card, you will be able to do that in 2.5 aswell.

Are there any errors in the console?

Hiya guys. Here’s the screeshot of the console:

And when I set it to GLSL:

So, unless that looks shiny to anyone else, it dosen’t look bright…

I think that’s the way it should look… Scale the cube up to see the per-pixel lighting.

I was more worried about the ‘shaders not supported’

Anyway, I’ve got a comparison of multitexture and glsl (May I point out that I’m using a spot as the light, would this make a difference?)



Sorry for the double post, but does anyone now know of ATI specific shadow tutorials? I’m sorry, but before this I could never use glsl, so I’m a bit of a noob in this area. :frowning:

mm… it seems glsl is running on your card.
for shadows try this blend:
it should look like this:
There ISN’T any difference b/w setting up a spot light shadow in blender on ATI or Nvidia and if you dont believe me, I am not even using GLSL compatible card, I am using software-gl to run blender in GLSL mode and still I can see shadows, use filters,etc. (although its slow)

i believe you should get a more recent ati card as they are not that expensive how much did you pay for that.

I got it new off ebay for about £15. It’s the most recent graphics card my computer can handle.

well get a new pc bro if it is that old

:mad: I built it myself, I’ll have you know…

And I only ever had to replace different parts about 50 times - it’s practically new as it is :smiley:

Only one problem with that…

I recomend you to buy a new pc , even a laptop this days have better video card than that. Check the AMD APU laptops and see that have better graphics.

Better make a new pc with Pci-Xpress and buy a Radeon 500/600 series card that is like 50 euro or less and will work flawless.

I have a laptop with 500/600 series Radeon and does 35 mil polygons on blender sculpt.

You will not get GLSL good performance on that card.