ATI and Blender?

Looking around for a new GPU. Need better OpenGL performance.

Been told that the ATI FireGL series are pretty good. I’m based in HK so none of this stuff is particularly expensive and I certainly won’t be going for the top of the range ones. Z1-128 or X1-128 should do it.

Also converting a couple PCs over to Linux in the next week, anyone know if there are any issues with the ATI Linux drivers and blender? I have already had some fun with nVidia ones in the past but they seem much better now.

Distro will be Debian or SuSe.

Almost windows free.


Stay FAARRR away from ATI IMHO… I’ve had nothing but problems with those cards. Go with one of NVidia’s cards…

Yes, ATI is crap, especially with OpenGL.

Just in case it could help anyone who’s already with ATI/Windows - Catalyst version 3.9 seems to be alright (no interface problems in Blender as with later versions of drivers).

I am using ati radeon 9600 pro, but I don;t have any problems with it. (windows and linux) it works fine for me…

yeah, be wary of ati’s opengl drivers

cards aren’t bad, opengl drivers, especially for blender not perfect

Almost every review I’ve even heard about (I’ve read quite a few too) shows that the Quadro’s lay the smack down on FireGL cards.

FireGL cards are usually uber-expensive too. For Blender, I’d have to recommend a Geforce-based card, never have had any issues with them.

Thanks everyone for more speedy responses.

Not a gamer but I’ll look seriously again at the offerings from nVidia.

Elysiun is an incredible community no big egos, no barriers to learning.

Thanks again for the info.