ATI annoying Graphics drivers!HELP!

I have PinnacleStudio Plus see?and it said to update my graphics drivers.I went to the website downloaded the thing and then…WHOOP!My blendergames, norblender work:(:frowning:
Any help on this?I think I’ve got an idea.

Before the flame war starts…

ATI drivers are a well-known issue in Blender. The issue has been discussed in breadth and length before. A quick forum search brings up a way to replace the ATI OpenGL DLL with an nVidia-made one.

Of course this solution might not apply to you. Vista is known to express Microsoft’s hatred for OpenGL as well. Are you running Vista?

i’m running vista on an ati 2700 at 1900X1200 without any problems. did you run catalyst or do a manual instal? just go there and click on your os. i just downloaded the new catalyst and let it auto install.

:DI just realised I made a mistake!I forgot to restart the computer!

dont feel bad blend. i had cox install cabel internet while i was at work. he called me to tell me i had a defective computer because he couldn’t get anything beside local, he couldn’t even log it onto the system. i asked him what it was doing and he said nothing, absolutly nothing, that both my wireless pci card and onboard ethernet must be burned out. it wouldn’t even turn on or detect anything. i still got charged $90 for the instalation. or maybe it was my wireless router.

when i got home a irealized i had assumed being a paid installer for a major company he knew what he was doing. i never thought to ask him if he had pluged the power cord into the modem. i had it up and running within 20 minuets with costomer service. he hadnt even registered the mac addys., he was going to do that when he online.

I have been looking for a 3-D CAD forever. I finally heard about Blender in my October issue of Analog SF that I receive on tape.

I downloaded Blender 2.48a. The installation told me to download Python 2.52. Python said to download 2.6.

I used ZoomText ( to overcome my retinal atrophy. I have dual 22" monitors running in 'full sapn. I use ATI.

Okay, so I do all this and then start Blender. It starts. I move my mouse (track ball) and I get this trailing square of where the pointed started and can’t see or read anything.
I get this same graph9ic corruption when I try to run Google Earth, Google Sketch-up (though this is sort of solved by turning off acceleration) and many other ‘3-D’ applications I have tried.

Is there a solution? I see that there is a fix for the ATI graphics driver that I might try. I will wait until someone who knows more about this than I do before I do anything. I really need this application to work. HELP!!!