Ati Driver Problems

I recently got blender a few days ago, and when doing a tutorial I noticed that the program got slower and slower… So I followed the advice form the “official” help topic on the blender site, and It didn’t work. I tried to extract the atiogdlxx.dl_ and turn it into atiogdlxx.dll but I didnt work. This is what I typed into the system DOS after I went to run>command:

cd c:
expand atiogdlxx.dl_ atiogdlxx.dll

Its response was:

Can’t open input file: atiogdlxx.dl_

and yes, I tried copying the file to a new folder in C:\ like it says. Does anyone have any advice?

Does anyone have the answer?

Try typing atioglxx.dl_, as that appears to be the name of the file, … from all the other posts I found when searching for that name … after failing to find the file you were trying to use :slight_smile:

I actually started with the ever handy Google and typed in the file name you were using and Google, said … “do you mean atioglxx.dl_:slight_smile:

You can also type “dir ati*.*” to see a list of files named “atI…”.