ATI FieGL for Blender

Until now, I only heard that ATI is complete No-No for Blender, cycles supports only OpenGl and CUDA which comes with Nvidia. Also the quadro series of them wont benefit Blender. But today in the official wikipedia page, I saw it wrote in Blender’s requirement (in production) ATI FireGL or Nvidia Quadro is recommended. Somebody will clear this confusion please?

Looking at the wikipedia page it says those system requirement are from 6th June 2011. In other words way way way out of date. The cards may be great for using blender viewport but not for rendering.
For current system specs see the official one at

the CUDA part is only for cycles, so if you are not planning on rendering on the gpu, it doesnt matter.

I have personally used NVIDIA 480’s and 580’s with blender, as well as AMD 6970’s… Both are pretty good, the 6970 has better viewport performance whereas it cannot do any gpu rendering that the 480’s and 580s can do

I see! Ofcourse Cycles is better than BI and only CUDA benefits it until we use external renderer. Hmm Got it. Thanks.