ATI FireGL Soft MOD for Radeon 9500,9600,9700,9800

Today I found this interesting article on ADRIAN’S ROJAK POT.
You only have to install a modified driver from a link in the article and your Radeon becomes a FireGL :slight_smile: Best of all, since I’m using this driver, Blender works without any trouble. All of the common known ATI related glitches are solved, at least for me :smiley:

For those who don’t like reading, here’s the direct link to this wonderful driver:

Thanks for posting this, I may end up using it later (got a Rad 9800 pro) but I think I’d rather hear about how well this works from more people first. Have you dont any tests (eg. an animation or particles or something) before and after the mod? Just wondering if it would be worth me doing this.

Radeon 9600se … now posting as Firegl T2 … but with 3.10 rad drivers.

“Blender” fixed all issues including background image slowdown, cursor disappearing in full screen, space under cursor not updating imediatly :slight_smile: , slow drawing box select ,
everything works perfect.

But is it the Firegl or the drop back to 3.10 rad? benchmark is slower, the omega 4.7 was twice the speed.

under display/advanced—>configure tab try [maya nt] bit faster on my system. Halflife looks like crap,

Zenitor: You can use a more recent OpenGL driver if you want. Just expand the “atioglgl.dl_” from a Catalyst Version you want and copy it to the application dir. I gave the “atioglgl.dll v6.14.10.4453” a try and it works just fine, even with Enemy Territory :slight_smile:

Hope this works! But at this point im willing to try anything. :-?

I didn’t have any issues before with my catalyst drivers and my Radeon 9700 Pro. But I installed these and my lightwave, XSI and Blender all do stuff a bit faster. Not the best drivers for games… gonna revert back to the beta ATI drivers for Doom3 till I finish that game… but these drivers work great for a 3D workstation! Best of all… none of the old bios flashing and patching of drivers… just install these new FreeFireGL drivers and if you don’t like it… install your old drivers!

… so does it affect gameplay in games like farcry and half-life?


The latest Catalyst drivers will help you more with games… games on windows usually use DirectX and not OpenGL. So this driver may slow things down for those games… at least its slower for me while trying to play doom3 than the latest beta doom3 catalyst drivers. These drivers will make your card function like a professional workstation card with excelent OpenGL speed.

Do those of you who have done this recommend it to others? Would it cause problems for our gaming?

Flashing my video bios now! :smiley: Wish me luck!


You don’t need to flash your bios. On the later pages there are patches that make the change so bios flashing is no longer needed.

I finally ditched my ATI FireGL 8800 and got a Nvidia Quadro FX 500 Workstation card… Blender rocks… and so does Far Cry!!! (kick ass game by the way)

I had so many issues with my ATI card and Blender… even most of the new games didn’t like my ATI card… but it seems the Nvidia card has just plain kicked total ass so far… no complaints since I switched…


I do need to flash my bios, the patch script with riva tuner doesn’t work, and that ‘Free FireGL’ program in your post doesn’t work eather. And I haven’t flashed yet, to much work that I have to do. <Maybe tommorrow>


Wow! I installed this and all of my problems are gone, Blender works great now.