ATI, Linux, and (finally) a choice.

I’ve been an nVidia user for years because the lack of proper support from ATI on Linux. This is the current state of ATI-Linux:

I’ll tell you what I think… Linux has been ‘ready’ forever. It’s only a matter of what the user is willing to put up with.

For sure. Linux has been awesome as a desktop workstation for years. I just think that it’s nice that ATI is finally going to force some competition for nVidia in the 3D arena.

Linux has been ready for quite a while(a good few years at least).
its just a matter of 3rd part support now, meaning, linux doesn’t have to support others, but others have to start supporting linux. :slight_smile:
as for the ati thing, im not too hyped about it… :frowning:

Yea, the linux communnity has probably written more drivers than Microsoft did…very few companies have their own (stable) Linux available for their products…and still you can use that OS quite nicely, which alone amazes me.

But good to see that ATI Linux drivers finally get some more care, the hardware was (almost) alsways pretty good, but the software can ruin so much of it…
I’d be glad to not have to tell everyone to get nVidia when thinking about Linux, because this and that could or will make problems…it often rules out some otherwise really attractive hardware…

yeh, but id just like to see ati doing more than just givin’ some (extremely)useful info to the oss drivers dev’s… :frowning: but ofc. thats better than nothing… :slight_smile:

Well for me, I have no time for ati, they’re too late, their hardware would have to p-ss on NVidia for me to swap, for a few years now Linux users have had the benefit of a pretty stable accellerated desktop courtesy of NVidia closed source drivers or not and for me, there is a certain amount of loyalty to NVidia, I’m happy to carry on buying NVidia, they’d have to do something pretty stupid and ati to do something pretty f–king awsome for me to change any time.

quoted in totall agreement! :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear that ATI is getting their act together. However it is still true that as far as graphics performance goes, they are now behind nvidia. Just like AMD cpus are behind Intel. Hence the reason I have an intel core2quad and an nvidia 7900gs graphics card overclocked to 600mhz from the stock 420mhz… ATI cards have generally not been good overclockers either.

Of course, the tide may change in a year from now, when I might need a new gfx card.

Perhaps this means we can now safely buy a machine with AMD+ATi+Linux.