ati or nvidia for specific areas of work/play

Hey all,

I was just wondering, but what brand better in certain areas. for example: which is better for gaming. which one for 3d modeling, which one for etc.

I know that they are both good in different areas, so don’t just say one rules and the other sucks.

Just wondering.


nVidia is better for Blender, you will hear this quite a lot on elYsiun, I’m sure about other things though

nVidia is better for gaming but it comes at a price compared to ati.

I find nVidia has better support than ati, when it comes to software.

oops, i forgot to add that i didn’t want to hear that nvidia is better at blender.

I’ve got to witness this, cuz i have an ati, and having the slowdown problem.

what programs run smoother on an ati?

I had an Nvidia (Geforce 4 MX 440 64 mb) about 2 years ago. I never had any problems with it for gaming (it wasnt blending then). Then I bought a new video card because I wanted to play a game that needed a better CG so I went to the store and looked up the graphic cards there that were below a $100 (thats how much I had to spend). And I found the ATI RADEON 9200 se 128mb for about 70 bucks. So far it has never let me down. I was even surprised how well Half Life 2 and Call of Duty2 run on my computer
(2.8GHtz 518ram…). And Blender runs fine too. I can’t comment on customer support because I never needed it :smiley: (which is a good thing lol)

I do believe NVidia cards are more gaming oriented. I can remember how many game intros have the Nvidia logo in their intro.

half life 2 has the ati logo on it :stuck_out_tongue:

hl2 has ati (co launched with the 9800xt)
ut2004 has nvidia
and so on. they all endorse different games with different features.

i go nvidia because
a. its all ive ever had
b. i now have an SLi motherboard :smiley: so it wouldnt make much sense to stick an ati card in it.

high end cards are the ones that cost a lot of $. i can get a 6800gs for 250, and it will be about 5 fps slower than a 7800gt, at 450.

Although the new 7800gt will have higher frame rate for new games compared to the older 6800.

When you start getting new games that use the features of the Geforce 7 then you will see a massive improve on fps compared to the Geforce 6. And that where you spend your extra money on.

What you got to ask is it worth getting those new features at this time.

budget computer = 6800gs for me

ATI is better for gaming, but NVidia is better all around. Some people who are CG pros probibly don’t even use ATI or NVidia.

henrymop just made me start thinking. what other brands of video cards are good?

There’s Matrox, dunno how good they are, but they make some of the best hard drives.

EDIT: Yes, Matrox is professional quality. Looking at prices and such now.

EDIT2: They even have 3D software specific(Maya and stuff). They have nice cards. Whoa! This one Matrox card is about $583 US at the cheapest!

From what I looked at, you’re going to have to look around a lot to find anything that isn’t NVidia or ATI.

Look at the back or bottom of any PC games you have. Some will say what video chipsets are compatible. There will be somechips sets, and the compony’s name in front of it. I found “Matrox” and “PowerVR” that way.

the geforce series of nvidia and the radeon from ati are specifically designed to play games. the are not designed for high end cg work. if you want that, nvidia has the quadro. these cards are not good for games. heres why

a gaming card renders each scene with errors. ie, one pixel is one shade different than the others on a plain background. most people never notice this, and so it doesnt matter. people using lightwave, maya, max, any high end stuff for high end work (pixar or any other cg company that can afford it) will have a high end graphics card that is looking for quality, not quantity. it will render a scene with no errors at lets say 40fps. but a gaming card will do 60fps with its errors. matrox is a high end rendering card but may not be that fast

for example: which is better for gaming. which one for 3d modeling, which one for etc.

any card will do you good for blendering because rendering is cpu dependant. gaming, go with a 7800gt or gtx because they are insanly fast.

Actually, PowerVR is for gaming. I heard that it render only whats on the screen. For an emaple, some said that say that there is a sphere and behind the sphere there is a pyramid, but it’s completely obscured by the sphere. In something other than PowerVR, it would render them both, but in PowerVR, it only renders the sphere, since it’s the only thing seen.

But, NVidia/ATI probibly does this now.

If you wanna play games and Blend, NVidia is the only thing that will fill your needs. For gaming, you really don’t need anything over 128MB ram card. Well, yet anyway.

a 128mb card?
what kind of games are you playing

256 is the least for anything now a days.

my 128mb card runs games at 20fps. barely playable.

ur comparing only memory size (i think, u get the idea). theres also bitrage(? not good on terms, but you get the idea). my brothers card is a 256-bit 128 card, and it plays doom 3 and hl2 on high

Well I have a question:I had read in a magazine that some professional 3d artists claim that nvidia cards are not good (?).Why ?

Are they trying to promote Ati’s cards ?

Anyway I prefer nvidia cards.I think that they have better OpenGl Support

3d artists use cards like matrox and really high end ones you never hear of because they are so rare.
so yes, comparing one of them to a run of the mill ati or nvidia card is like comparing a ferarri to a honda

Definitely. I have an nVidia GeForce 4 Ti-4600 128MB card, I bought Black & White 2 the other day and it barely plays on low.

Its the first time its shown much age though, HL2 runs pretty good on it, and I’ve never had a problem with Blender once (its a 4-5 yr old card too). :smiley:

it all depends on what settings you have it on

my card is a geforce fx 5200 and it plays hl2 and all the source games at 1024768 on low settings. i even got it to play fear and quake 4, but it was at 640480 with ultra low settings at about 25fps.

must be nice to have the $ for high end cards