ATI Petition for Adequate Drivers in Linux


best cards but drivers suxx (the word isn’t enough strong.


I think it comes down to personal taste that is best card and whatnot :wink:

don’t you think?

and it might also depends on system setup concerning hardware combinations, though saying this I haven’t had any personal experience of ATI myself, so if I am wrong, I am sorry :wink:

indeed Ztonzy, we could say that. :slight_smile:

  • ATI no big electric consuming

  • ATI no noise

  • ATI Faster than Nvidia and moreover at lower price

  • Geforce Fx series failed. slower and greedy than old Geforce TI. if you are satisfied with current and you think it’s a ®evolution (directx9)… you’re unfortunetly wrong…

  • personal note : Nvidia have eaten 3Dfx, thus i hate them! :slight_smile:

Thank you zTonzy to notify this.

So, just sign if you are concerned…


I know ATI is lacking good support under linux, I myself have always used Nvidia, just because it has less problem for Blender…but I did sniff on ATI’s before I bought my last card, but I was looking for a card with the most less problem for Blender and Linux of course,
my card is a FX5600…

well good luck on the petition!


the petetion doesn’t exactly say much about what is wrong with their drivers

the problem with mobile chipsets is that often the OEM has modified them somewhat, this can be true of some manufactuer’s cards but is significantly less likely

and, that is a problem for windows too

you neglected to mention that ati doesn’t really have a 64 bit version of their driver, and their 32 bit version doesn’t install as it should most of the time [at least that has been my experience]

oh, and their drivers are for the 2.4 kernel tree [version 20 or later?]…

although, ati seems to have been somewhat supportive of dri, and open-source driver attempts for their cards.

you are probably better off not using ati’s drivers, simply because they are such a pain to get working [they don’t seem to test on many systems]

I signed the petition, but I think that any Linux user should sign it, not because of preferences between ATI over nVidia but because it is an invitation heading toward hardware manufacturers to think about ALL their customers. They should be building hardware with Personal Computers in mind, and not only Win users…

I have no trouble with my AIW 9800, either with winXP nor Linux/mandrake 10. Only trouble I experiment is that Blender 2.33a sometimes crashes (random and un common but not rare) when I select, resize, rotate my models with Linux in an openGL shaded view. I suspect the drivers of my ATI card as nobody else posted such behavior before ;o)

Wait a minute…

first: it’s not my petition.
second: Moreover i’ve specified my notes as my opinion.
third: it’s mentioned: claiming of x86-64 support.

Now, this petition is a bit wrong, we should have claimed the specs rather. Binary, closed driver is a trap for a OSS like Gnu/Linux.

Finally, i’m not sure ATi will follow this but i prefer participate and fail rather than do nothing.