ati radeon 3600 series gpu rendering in cycles

ive been reading about how gpu rendering is a bit faster and so i wanted to try it out to see if it was with the things im rendering.
the problem is that the GPU doesnt show up in the user preferences system tab. apparently ive to click on experimental to see if it comes up but i dont have any experimental setting to push within the ‘system’ tab.
any suggestions?

You will have to have a compatible NVidia card for CUDA acceleration. ATI cards will not give to GPU rendering

:frowning: oh well. guess ill have to save up!

Not necessarily. There are some GTX 600 series cards you can get in the $100 range that will get you started.

Cycles isn’t like a video game. A better card won’t make the renders look better, just makes them render faster.

There’s a benchmark thread floating around these forums somewhere. You can do a little research to find something in your price range to get you started.