Ati... the bane of Blender - But I'd want to teach.

There has been a lot of talk about the Ati screwing up everything all the time, always, in Blender. Ok, some 2 cards work, but the problems the other cards have are so unbearable that screams of frustration are only a matter of time. It’s quite horrible that this kind of a problem exists. It affects probably like the half of Blender users, and if we’re realistic, maybe a quarter since that problem might’ve cut off a few ati using newbies.

I’m in a school (university/polytechnics) and I’d like to teach Blender there.
But, Surprise Surpise! EVERY SINGLE dingledongle PC in there has an ATI card, they changed the very last nvidias this year = SLOW after 5 minutes. And I’m not gonna teach Blender with a mac, because 1. most of the macs have a 1-button mouse (AARGH!) 2. The mac classrooms are badly ventilated 3. I don’t like macs. So let’s just forget this mac thing. Probably none of the students would want to use them either. Besides, that’d be giving up to this.

I have tried the dll thingy, and put that into the blender dir (no effect). The thing is, all the computers are linked to a Novell desktop environment system, and they are also protected so I can’t and wouldn’t even wanna start installing drivers to them. But I do wan’t to teach Blender, and some people would want to learn it, too. This is a design institute that teaches 3d-graphics and animation so it might be lucrative if these people would get some education about Blender and spread the word when they get into the job practise.

So, what I need to know is: What instructions should I give to the guy at the helpdesk so that he could make the ati cards work? I’m trying to get a classroom that has ati X600 cards and windows XP (pro). If someone of you has this kind of a system, PLEASE tell me what drivers you’re using so I can forward the information and ask the helpdesk guy to install those drivers.

Thanks… and ATI, I hope you get somebody to fix things! GRRR!

You could try using a Ubuntu LiveCD. I’ve had more luck with ATI and Blender in Linux than in Windows.

well as far as i know there are a few fixes that might work for this: first the dll in the dir thing and second is putting nvidias opengl graphics drivers in the dir of blender and the second one of these two seems to work the best for me (on my old system). If you plan on fallowing the second route you need to get your hands on the dll called nvoglnt.dll and rename it to atioglxx.dll and then put it in the same dir as the blender exe If one of these options doesnt help you with your perfromance you can A: try an older version or B: pray to god that the school gets some decent nvidia cards

and just as a side note i have heard rumors that ati’s drivers are going to be open source very soon and if this happens than this problem could be done away with very quickly by a custom made ogl driver just for blender

Yeah, AMD has been working on a spec documents (only for their newer graphics cards I’m afraid) that help programmers to create open source drivers. According to AMD they are also going to create a simple open source drivers for code reference. AMD is still going to release proprietary drivers also (there are some difficulties with DRM and open source drivers etc).

Things might turn out good for AMD ATI cards in the near future. Linux users are the first to see the advantages but let’s hope that Windows gets at least this Blender specific fix too.

Here is some interesting info about AMDs current plans etc.

Thanks guys… I really hope it works out. “nvidias opengl graphics drivers in the dir of blender” I think I tried this one… I just can’t remember. I’d just want a sure solution.

btw I uses Blender 80 on macs and no problems.

and mh also a lot of problems with windows.

if you want to teach - teach and deal with technical issues.
welcome to academia.

a cheap 2 button mouse is only 5 dollars btw.


I can deal with the slow down but it is embarressing for the credibility in general when you have to say “ok, restart blender every 5 mins”. And I dont think I want to ask the school to buy mice when there’s an actual problem to be solved.

Well, I don’t know how old your macs are, but the new mice (say, within the past year?) only appear to be 1-button. There are actually two buttons, they just need to be configured.
And AFAIK ATI cards don’t cause problems on mac.

So it would seem like mac is the way to go…
Sorry I can’t help with your driver problem…