Hi all,

I’m in the market for a new laptop and from previous experience I am looking for an NVIDIA GPU.
A couple of years ago there was this awful accumulating lag (esp when in-out of edit mode) and that made me choose nvidia exclusively.

How is the GPU landscape nowadays ? Can one use ATI radeons with blender without problems ?

thx wzzl

I’m using a 4870 and I’m not experiencing any problems. Would I choose an ati card again? I dunno, it depends whats on the market atm and I haven’t looked into it, but when it comes to blending I don’t mind whether it would be an ati or nvidia card, although im not an advanced user.

I’m using ATi at the moment and have no problems, plus I’ve been doing some SmallLux GPU stuff with it without a hitch. On the other hand I’m not really loyal to one brand or another and switch between the two. I would have to say that I have had less driver issues with nVidia cards though, and my recent ATi card has been a pain at times, but not hardware or performance wise, driver wise. Took AMD months to get the driver issues resolved for my HD 5770.

Guess we’ll have to get used to calling the ATi cards AMD cards now as well, since they dropped the ATi branding a few days ago.


this comes down to actually rather two aspects:

Do you need CUDA? In case yes then you have to go with NVIDIA.

On the other side NVIDA has not really brought out something new and rebranded
old cards as new.

But from what I read AMD seem to have good computation power compared to
the amount of money you pay.

So it all depends.

All of the ATI cards I’ve used had Opengl issues.

This and what OS do you plan on using as far as Ive heard ATI’s drivers for Linux suck hard compared to Nvidia’s.

ATi has opensource non-proprietary drivers. nvidia has just gotten neuvau but that’s a scene effort.

and of course ati gives much bang for the bucks. but that said! I’m planning on buying 460. it looks of the hook. cheap, fast and small (building mod.)

I can sure suggest NVIDIA cards. Octane Render works super fast with CUDA compatible cards and gives fairly nice results. The licence only costs around 100$. The downside is that most NVIDIA cards are power consuming, loud and costy…

I hope this has changed… My older son will give a try with an AMD (ATI) card themnext… And i’d badly need to replace the existing GC anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

for a laptop devinantly go ati. they use puch less power/battery. but wait a month or two if you can, ati is releasing the 6870 soon, and its 20% faster than the 5890 which is the dual 5770 chips on a single card. while moble cards come later it should still drop the price quite a bit for all older, including all mobile cards, quite a bit.

You have to compare the individual cards really.
I’m not sure if you can find the nvidia gtx 460 in a laptop (it was only recently released), but that one should be the overall best performer right now.
Cards like the ati hd5770 or 5850 are also really high-performance.

Oh and don’t become loyal to one company, they would betray you if they could make money on it.:yes:

Go with Nvidia. Every single time I’ve had to use an ATI card, I’ve wound up with display problems - especially on the ones they include on motherboards. They just don’t seem to ‘get’ the whole Open GL thing.

If you check the forums here, the people with all the problems have had ATI cards.

My main OS is gnu/linux, with ubuntu distro.
I’ve had nothing but heartburn with ati and I’m not so sure it is going to change with amd at the helm now, though I expect them to “get” the opengl thing sooner or later.
So for now it is going to be a NVidia laptop.
Suggestions ? (< EUR 700)

probably acer something, asus is out too, hp pavilion ?

(“pavilion ? I thought it was a number, like bigger than like a gazillion.”-rescue me ep 610)

Blender+Windows no errors noticed
Blender+Matacity on Ubuntu 10.04 see Windows
Blender+Compiz on Ubuntu 10.04 = no Blender way it’s always been.
all on a Radeon 4350 on Desktop