Ati Vs. Nvidia

HI all…whats better for Blender working…?.. Ati Radeon HD6870 or Nvidia Geforce GTX560 ?.. I have Nvidia and its problem by problem with Blender… I must change this card … I had Ati in past, and in this time I didnt know, whats problem with Blender… :frowning:

Cycles doesn’t yet work, but is almost there, with ati; just do a search on site as have been many posts about it.

newest problem - when I start Blender 2.62 and I want click on System in Preferences - Blender crash…when I want Click on Cycles in Render choice slide, this same…Crash, crash, crash…I was reinstalled originall driver on DVD for this card from package, no solve…F*king Nvidia…

I remember good times with my HD5750…

I’ve always had fewer problems with ati; but others have had the reverse. I’m hoping cycles gets up and running with ati, as I really don’t want to invest in nvidia. Just put my 6950 2gig back in main comp as reinstalling windows; had a problem with comp crashing when cycles was selected as renderer. Complete crash, not even a bsod. Card has been back to supplier and been in other computer where it works perfectly. I hate software/hardware conflicts.:ba:

Will try the beta 12.4 drivers too, so can try to get cycles working with ati gpu

I was checking my eshop one more time, and today I find GTX480 1,5G about 20Euro more expensive like my GTX560…Its GTX480 much better like GTX560Ti ? /but for GTX480 I need powerfull energy source - minimal 600W - this is 80 Eur for more/… :confused:

I am working with a GTX 260 and since 1 month with a GTX 550Ti and many user use a GTX 560Ti for blender.
No problems so far, something with your system is may be wrong or your source is to small even for a GTX 560Ti.
I use both cards together with a 850 Watt source from corsair. If you have a standard power source with 400 Watt it is to small.
The GTX 480 is old and loud as a helicopter but fast.
We need more info about your system, windows? Driver, mainboard, power supply and so forth.

Cheers, mib.


Thx for replly…So… I was testing this card on Octane - absolutely no problem…working well…Yesterday test on Blender - Cycles…working well…but…today was any problem - purple monitor with weird pixelization… after that everything frozen - system to…After hard restart on case - Blender crash every time, when I want to turn on Cycles in Render menu, or when I want click on System in Preferences…

Reinstall driver - no solve…reintall Blender - no solve…but Octane are going great…no problem…I dost understand…

Blender 2.62.X + OpenMP + CUDA - this build from working well…Absolutely dont understand

purple monitor with weird pixelization

Ok, i read this problem on a german blender forum with two GTX 550Ti on two different systems and the user send this cards back to the vendor. Strange is that octane is working.
Sometimes a driver install don´t remove all parts of the old driver. Look for nvidia driver cleaner or remove the driver before new install.
Be carefull with such downloads I can´t test it on my linux system.

Cheers, mib.

EDIT: AH, ok, then don´t chang your system if it work now.

Man, this trunk package from working well… Official 2.62 - crash by crash…and Octane working without mistakes - very done…

For 3d applications, it’s always been Nvidia. ATI may have surpassed them with game speed recently, but they don’t come close to a good workstation video card. FireGL’s are pretty nice, though only for some applications. Also, ATI has no or crummy drivers for the Un*x OSes.