atlantis: milo

made this cartoon image using paths, “magic” wand, and bucket fill. Simple, basic, but I like the way it looks, clean like a normal cartoon.

Nice, no crits from here.

very good, my only crit is the fringe is a bit rounded, but thats ok

perhaps you could tell me abit about your technique with paths?

i know they are very powerful, but i have a lot of trouble manipulating them. specifically, how do i create a straight line, and a curve, all in one path?


well if you’re using Gimp 2.0 like me this tutorial is great

nuts, i use PS…

You could have achieved a similar (or better) result by using a vector graphics app. Would be scalable, easier to modify and would have better anti-aliasing.
If you can handle paths in GIMP, you’re ready to use any vector app. I would like to recommend Inkscape (

nice, right shoulder needs to be stronger and the glasses look strange (even for a cartoon)