Hi everyone, as you read from the title I took inspiration from the classic Disney Atlantis for this Image. I finished making the old pastor’s book and a necklace. I tried to model everything the most similar to the originals. I have not yet very clear the final scene, during the modeling I changed my mind a thousand times. obviously the advice is welcome

Hi, @ighly,
The model looks good - I like the way you’ve recreated book’s cover with all the protruding details. Things to further work - UV mapping of the stone (Yours look stretched) and paper material. Otherwise, good start :+1:

new update! sorry for the wait, as you can see I didn’t make big updates, unfortunately I was very busy. however I created a room and tried to put some lights on, but unfortunately I am not very good at this aspect, and finally I changed the texture of the base on which the book and the crystal stand. @Miss_BB what can i do about the paper material?

Hi, @ighly,
About paper material - add textures (diffuse color and normal map, to imitate pages) - that’ll give more realism to your book).