Hello guys,
I’ve BEEN a 3ds max user for 8 years,
and now after working with Blender for approx 7 months, there’s now way I’m coming back to Max!
It’s such an amazing software!

I did this personal projects in Blender 2.8
I used some free surface imperfection textures from Poliigon.
rendered in cycles.

Hope you like it!


Unless you have a lot of money 3ds Max can get expensive. I have been with Blender for about 18 years. I use to use Max as well as Maya. As the years went by I couldn’t justify spending that much money for something that would do the same job for free


Love the design!
I’m a Max refuge as well - since Max 3. Came time to renew the maintenance last year and I said “nope” - let’s see what Blender is all about. I’ve been more than happy with it. There’s really nothing I just really miss from Max.

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Yes! Exactly, plus everything is fast in Blender, modeling is more fun it makes you life easier… and then there’s EEVEE!

Thank you!
Yes me too! It’s more fun and seriously you can make everything in here even sculpting and painting which is amazing!

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And tracking and compositing and editing.

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