Atlas (from portal 2 coop)

Hey guys, i wanted to make the ball-shaped model from the trailers of portal 2

But i am kind of new to this WIP thread stuff, so i will just upload from where i start, to make sure that i get good feedback, since i have 0 REAL experience. :slight_smile:

Here is what i have so far:


Please guys, I really need some feedback on this, like: What should i start on next? the hands? the wire things, the robotic things? D:

Try starting on wiring the machine.

A little update, the arms. (and a foot) :smiley:
(also, i smoothed out the middle part.

for some of the curved surfaces, you might want to look in to using the edgesplit modifier

tah dah!

This is looking better than my old blends already :open_mouth:
Please note that i am not a pro, I am more of a newbie.
The simplest tips are huge jumps for me! please reply :slight_smile:

This is how i got so far:

This is the back so far (based on the latest trailer)

This is a little overview of all my steps.
Im rigging it now, and I’ll probably do a little animation ^^

what you got is good but continue adding new things(maybe some of your own ideas?)

Yeah, but the thing is, im kinda new at this, and low on feedback :frowning:
Blenderartists dissapointed me a little :frowning:

He(?) looks cool, give him live and a short new story - sitting at home in front of the playstation and getting fat :smiley:

I was hoping for the strong guy :frowning:

@sebastianbauer, yeah, and in the end something like: yaayyy steamworks on ps3 makes you fat xD

A little animation:

Great. Can’t wait to see portal gun.

Here is the portal gun, untextured, up for editing, if you guys have tips :smiley:
So here.

A little bit of extra animation:

Pretty nice.

I also made a little portal-ish envinronment, but it’s really hard to get portal textures from google for some reason, so i had to make em myself xD

Please tell me what you think: