Atmosphere effect in blender?

A need a starship to fall into the atmosphere. Don’t worry… It doesn’t explode or anything.

How can I get a realistic looking effect around my starship model? For those of you who have seen Apollo 13, it needs to look like that. I recently looked at a post where somebody mentioned particle deflection for the Space Shuttle’s re-entry effect. Should I use particles?

Thanks a lot, guys! :smiley:

Add a Halo? I dont know exactly what your talking about, though.

particles with a halo on them and some alpha would be the most logical thing. Then make the shuttle and particle deflector. But just a warning I do not think you are going to get a perfect shape when you make the shuttle a deflector. Also I am just learning about particles myself so I cannot get you a step by step procedure.

Well… I have worked with halos throughly and have found that they produce round balls, very unlike a re-entry effect. What about a stretched sphere, with alpha channels?
Whew! This is harder than I thought…

You better use a textured halo (a blend texture), with alpha enabeled and play around with the values of hard and halo size till you get the desired effect.
don’t forget to enable vector for particles it adds this speed sensation.
hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick note! Yes, I considered using a texture… But how can I get the particles to shape around the starship? Is there a link to a good particle-deflection tutorial?


You can perform other effects if you play with the shading settings.

Try a cylinder with the ends removed and scaled very small as an emmitter on the front of your ship. This will make a circle of particles radiating out… then parent the emmitter to the ship and animate it moving through the atmosphere. The particles should stream behind the ship.

Don’t forget to put a blend texture on the ship mapped to emmitter to get a nice re-entry glow!

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been working with a similar scene. Another option to the blend texture is add a spot lamp with an orangish glow to the bottom of your ship. There are a lot of tricks like that with lighting that are easy to pull off.

As far as the particle deflection, I had a hard time getting the particles to behave as I wanted them to so I use curve guides and created paths for the particles to travel upon. So far it looks preety good, but my main system at home is in the shop for a new powersupply so no renders yet.

Well… Let’s see. I’m not in blender right now, but I do think I can simulate the particles from the cylinder using the Y force values. But I don’t want beady balls, I want combined streaks.

Or is that what vectoring is for?

How do I use curve guides on particles?