atmosphere glow

Hey, I’m working on a project for science class. I need to make on object glow and look like it’s going through Earths atmosphere. How would I do this?

What you want is to use the built in Glow plugin.

Simple video tut by someone

More advance tut.

I use a circle with a halo material. You can also use ramp shaders.

OK, what I meant was I wanted something like @ndy’s one for the Blender Conference in 2003. When the thing goes into Earth.

Could we see a pic? I have no idea what you are talking about.

I have used a circle (2 actually, one for glowing particals, one for smoke) as a partical emitter. Parent it to the object that is moving through the atmosphere. I put the glowing emitter below the object, and the smoke emitter above the object. The particals “wrap” themselves around the object making it look like the object itself is glowing. If you want my sample settings, email or post me.

Here’s a single frame from an animation that should give you the idea:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

yea the Glow plugin, first of all is it in there when you download it? if not where can i get it…

Also I have 28k dialup (@#**!) so i can’t see the tutorial… is there a written version?

the glow plugin is now builtin to blender. go to Add->Effects->Glow in the sequence editor.

to add on to DYeater,
I would also use particle emitters.

The glow plugin os probably not what you’re looking for unless you want to add extra effect afterwards.

The emmiter for the flow/fire should probably be half a UVsphere a little bit in from of the object. Make the particles that come out of this one vector partilcles (so it looks like the particles have direction). Note, vector particles looks messed up unless you either use Motion blur or have a spherical blend texture mapped to alpha.

The smoke can be another emitter. The halo material could have a clouds effect mapped to alpha.

Just experiment with the various particle and material settings until it looks good (it will take a while)

Yea, the particles I was lookin for, I guess I better find a tutorial on it.